A grand update!

A grand update!

July 31, 2019

Welcome back to Goldenhills Valley!

We’ve been hard at work updating older areas of Jorvik while simultaneously releasing new content each week. One area we just couldn’t wait to do some work on was the autumn inspired Goldenhills Valley, which today is getting a fancy glow up! Just as with the Silverglade update last fall, we’re not including buildings in this update.

We decided to give the area a more realistic look where the terrain isn’t as dry as before in order to reflect autumn as we know it. Ground textures, foliage and props around the area now look better than ever and we’re so proud to be able to share our new version of Goldenhills Valley with you!

Another similarity to the Silverglade update is that we will continue working with the valley of gold until we feel like it looks just as we want it to. Keep an eye out for future updates!

Goldenhills Valley has never looked better! Goldenhills Valley has never looked better!

Make sure to explore the lovely valley this week! Make sure to explore the lovely valley this week!

Introducing The Miscreants!

No band on Jorvik is cooler than the rocking Miscreants! They just released a new album and DJ Kai down at the Summer Festival dance floor is playing the tracks on repeat - mixed with some of her own greatest hits, of course. You can also chat with some of the Jorvegians who joined the party to listen to the new album.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of The Miscreants, you’ll love the new merch store located just by the dance floor!

The merch store is available until August 28.

Merch and music from one of the coolest bands in Jorvik! Merch and music from one of the coolest bands in Jorvik!

Listen to new music at any time!

You can now listen to several of DJ Kai’s as well as The Miscreants’ songs in our app Star Stable Friends! The following tracks are now available:

Through It All
R U Ready
I Hate Plastic
Lion’s Tail
In It To Win It
Still Got Flair

Star Stable Friends is free to download from AppStore and Google Play.

The Summer Festival

You can join the fun down at Fort Pinta beach until August 28! Participate in the beach race, enjoy the gorgeous lanterns and dance on the dance floor while you can!


Rin at the Purple Pony is anticipating a new delivery of cool costumes and Madison claims the wild horses at South Hoof Peninsula want to play. You’ll learn more about this next week!

Have fun dancing your heart out at the beach and exploring Goldenhills Valley all over again!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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