New times for Eddie and Ferdinand!

New times for Eddie and Ferdinand!

July 17, 2019

Hey guys! This week’s update is all about the Horse Market - and some new horses!

The Horse Market

After many years of travelling, Eddie and Ferdinand have tired of constantly moving their horse market around Jorvik. While they pondered on what to do with their business, the Baroness offered them a small piece of land close to Doyle’s Abbey to set up camp permanently. They couldn’t be more pleased - they won’t have to move every single week, and their customers will have an easier time finding them!

Apart from the many horses, there’s also a shop with some cool items available. In the shop you’ll find all items which previously were scattered throughout several shops around the market.

Now that the Horse Market won’t be moving around Jorvik, Eddie and Ferdinand will no longer need your service to pay rent or find lost horses.

What a pretty new market place! What a pretty new market place!

How to show more horses!

If you want to see even more of the horses the market has to offer, go up to this board and click on it!

Click on this board to show more horses! Click on this board to show more horses!

FOUR New Horses!

Of course we need to celebrate Eddie’s and Ferdinand’s new type of business! As they’re both crazy about horses, they managed to find four new Jorvik Warmbloods, which you’ll be able to buy from the horse market.

All four of these beauties are available from level 5 and cost 750 Star Coins.

These beauties are irresistible! These beauties are irresistible!

Minor update!

All the other purchasable Jorvik Warmbloods around Jorvik are now also available from level 5, instead of level 15.

Some buyable horses from Fort Pinta can now be found at the horse market instead as well in order to make room for new horses!

Terrain updates!

Not only do we have brand new, gorgeous decorations around Fort Pinta beach this week, we’ve actually revamped the entire area! We’ve added more foliage and made sure that the terrain looks more natural than ever while also replacing old items around the beach to make it look top notch.

The Fort Pinta beach area is more beautiful than ever! The Fort Pinta beach area is more beautiful than ever!

Midsummer Goes On!

You now have one last week to join in on the Midsummer fun! Next Wednesday the party ends and Gary Goldtooth will leave us and take with him his special Jorvik Wild Horses. Remember, these horses will never be available to buy again after the Wednesday update next week!


We can’t forget our annual Fort Pinta beach party, right? Stay tuned!

That’s all for this time - now have a great week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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