Petunia’s show jumping!

Petunia’s show jumping!

July 10, 2019

Hello StarFam! Petunia from the Bulldogs riding club has something fun for you this week!

A fun show jumping course!

Inspired by the recent show jumping event in Moorland, Petunia decided that she also wants to host an event. For this week only, you can try her fun race at the Jorvik Stables arena!

To be able to play this race you must have unlocked the Harvest Counties. Join in while the fun lasts - the race is only available until next Wednesday!

Participate in Petunia’s race! Participate in Petunia’s race!

New tack!

Some cool new tack just arrived in the tack shop at the Jorvik City Mall! Franziska Ironsaddle’s Black Collection is perfect for anyone who enjoys dressing their horse in a classical look.

New tack! New tack!

Celebrate Midsummer with us!

Join in on the Midsummer celebration, which is up and running until July 24th!


Eddie and Ferdinand have been travelling around with the Horse Market for a loooong time now. They’re getting tired of always moving around, so with some help from the Baroness they decided to make a bit of a change. They’ve also found some popular horses in new coat colors… What’s going on exactly will be revealed next Wednesday!

Have an awesome week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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