Invite a friend to your stable!

Invite a friend to your stable!

July 3, 2019

Hi StarFam! Can you believe today’s update is our 400th? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! We’re celebrating this by releasing a feature you guys have been asking for for a long time!

MyStable Invites!

Have you ever wanted to bring your friend into your home stable to show your favorite horses, or just hang out? Now you can invite up to four friends at a time to join you!

This is how it works!

You can invite up to four friends by opening your horse sorting window and click “Invite”. Then choose anyone from your friend list, group or riding club and send them an invite! If they accept they will pop up in your stable and will stay there until they decide to leave or until you exit your stable.

When visiting another player’s stable, you can still use the wardrobe and vanity table - just click on them and your own inventories will open! This is perfect if you and your friend want to try out new outfits together.

You can also walk around in your friend’s stable and pet their horses! You can pet any horse in their stable but the one they’re currently riding.

Visit each other’s stables! Visit each other’s stables!

More Midsummer fun!

Midsummer is ongoing until the 24th of July, and today we’re adding two of our favorite Midsummer features - the fishing pond and the Midsummer wreath crafting station!

The fishing pond

You can’t celebrate Midsummer without a fishing pond! You can fish here once a day to get a random reward. It can either be some small snack or a part of a new, summery outfit. In total there are 10 gorgeous clothing items to collect! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go fishing!

New items await you in the fishing pond! New items await you in the fishing pond!

Craft your own Midsummer wreath!

At the festival area, you can craft your very own Midsummer wreaths! If you joined in last year you might recognize some of the wreaths you can craft, while there also are a couple of new ones. Take a look at the flower chart on the table to see where you can find flowers to use and go find the special flowers from each area. Bring the flowers back to the festival area and get started! There are 7 different flowers you can use for 14 different wreaths, 7 for you and 7 for your horse - that is if you have unlocked all the areas where they grow…

You can craft up to two wreaths each day, one for you and one for your horse. Return every day to collect all 14!

To be able to craft your own wreath you must have finished the quest, in which you help Marisol with placing a flag on the top of the Midsummer pole.

Midsummer wreaths for you AND your horse! Midsummer wreaths for you AND your horse!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed this week.

New loading screen!

A new, summer-y loading screen will now greet you every time you venture to Jorvik!


Petunia, one of the Bulldog girls, got inspired by the recent show jumping event in Moorland. What might she be planning for us?

See you all again soon!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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