Time to celebrate Midsummer!

Time to celebrate Midsummer!

June 19, 2019

Hi StarFam! It’s time for our yearly Midsummer celebrations! The Jorvik Rangers are traveling to Moorland to start the preparations, and they are very grateful for any help they can get!

The Midsummer celebrations go all the way up until July 24, and all players, even Non-Star Riders, will be able to participate.

Join us for Midsummer!

The event area right by old man Jasper’s Farm in Moorland looks better than ever this year right in time for the Jorvik Rangers, who are planning our traditional Midsummer celebrations. Rangers Marisol, Stanislav, Dylan, and Ashley will need your help to get the party started in time!

What can you take part in this year?
Stanislav the Jorvik Ranger needs your help to set up the Midsummer Pole so you can dance like a frog (yes, frog) to some classic Midsummer tunes!
Play along to our cool Midsummer music with your friends! Walk up to one of the musical instruments on the stage and show the world that you could be the next winner of the Jorovision Song Contest!
Ashley the Jorvik Ranger would need some help to get the Midsummer fire going. She’ll need your assistance to make sure it’s all done in a safe way!
When it comes to food, Dylan the Jorvik Ranger is the guy to talk to. He needs some help to collect his deliveries and surely you and your strong horse can help him collect them!
Take a break with your friends and have a picnic by the tables or by the picnic blankets, or why not hang by the stands to watch your friends perform on stage!
Chat with everyone participating to find out more about what they think of the event - there are lots of fun people to hang out with!
And you know what, there’s more! Keep on reading to find out!

Talk to Jorvik Ranger Marisol to get started! Talk to Jorvik Ranger Marisol to get started!

New look for the Midsummer shop!

In the beautiful Midsummer shop, you’ll find sweet items from previous celebrations!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

If you pick seven different kinds of flowers on Midsummer Night’s Eve and sleep with them beneath your pillow, it’s said you’ll dream about a special someone. Who will be the one in your dreams? Visit the special flower tent to try it out!

Dream a little dream of a special someone! Dream a little dream of a special someone!

The Fishing Pond and Midsummer Wreaths

The fishing pond and wreath making station will return a bit later during the festival this year!

In loving memory

While saving the Soul Rider Anne von Blyssen from Pandoria, the Keepers of Aideen also suffered a difficult loss. It’s time for them to honor the memory of a beloved friend. Therefore, allies of the druids are heading towards Doyle’s Abbey to pay their respects and Lisa Peterson has composed a beautiful song for this special occasion. First of all though, please meet Evergray by the Soul Rider campsite in Epona.

To be able to play this part of the story quests you must have finished the quest in which you talk to the Soul Riders by the campfire after returning from Pandoria together with Alex.

Talk to Evergray to get started! Talk to Evergray to get started!

A new outfit from Farah

The traveling druid Farah is back in Jorvik! As always she has set up camp next to Elizabeth Sunbeam’s house in Valedale, and she’s selling her usual pretty druid gear. Her most recent items include a beautiful outfit in blueish-purple for both you and your horse. She will only stay here for one week, so visit her while you can!

Farah’s latest design! Farah’s latest design!

The Texas Bluebell coat is leaving soon!

The special North Swedish horse coat called Texas Bluebell from the Star Stable Horses app is only available up until July 1! Make sure to transfer your foal over to Star Stable Online before then if you’d like to keep the horse.

The Texas Bluebell coat is available in Star Stable Horses until July 1! The Texas Bluebell coat is available in Star Stable Horses until July 1!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed this week.


Midsummer is a very special event, and rumors of it have reached far beyond the Mistfall mountains to Gary Goldtooth. Gary already arrived to Moorland, but it seems like the friends he planned to bring are slightly delayed...

Have an awesome week!
Many hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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