Three shiny Akhal-Tekes!

Three shiny Akhal-Tekes!

June 12, 2019

Hi StarFam! It’s time for even more Akhal-Tekes to grace Jorvik with their presence!

New horses at Silverglade Vineyard!

The newly renovated stables at Silverglade Vineyard are already coming to good use! Three new Akhal-Tekes just arrived there and they’re impatiently waiting for a new, two-legged friend. The silvery buckskin, the cremello and the dark dapple grey all go for 850 Star Coins each and you can get one of your very own if you have reached at least level 13.

Beautiful horses! Beautiful horses!

Ceremonial dresses

Sometimes you might want to dress up for some special occasion, be it happy or sad. In the Jorvik City Mall you will now be able to find suit jackets in black and white as well as two types of dresses with beautiful lace.

Perfect outfits for special occasions! Perfect outfits for special occasions!

Shopping tweaks!

We made a few tweaks to the shopping experience in the game! From now on, you will be able to buy several pieces of each horse item at any time, as they will not disappear from the shops when you’ve bought them. If you hover above an item in a shop you will see a text telling you if you already own the item, so you can choose for yourself if you want more of it to use for several of your horses. Handy!

This will be even more noticeable in the future, as we currently are doing some difficult code work with our shops. When we’re done, the shops will be easier to use and also will look better than they already do!

The Rainbow Festival

The festivities are going for yet another week! Join in on the rainbow race in Cloud Kingdom or chase rainbow gold with Chaun the Leprechaun before it’s too late!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is open for business at the Jorvik Stables Arena.


As we’re entering June, the Jorvegians are starting to hype the great summer tradition of Midsummer. While the preparations are filled with joy and happiness, the druids are in a rather mellow mood as they are moving towards Doyle’s Abbey. Maybe those new clothes in the Mall will be of use sooner than you think?

Have a great week!
Love from the Star Stable Team ♥

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