The Rainbow Festival!

The Rainbow Festival!

June 7, 2019

Hello StarFam! In Jorvik, we have a great love for rainbows and that’s why this year, we’re kicking off the summer with our very first Rainbow Festival!

With all this rainbow admiration going on, our old friend Chaun the Leprechaun decided to join in. He brought along his old Fortuna festivities, and while some things might look a bit strange this time around, we are certain we’ll manage to convince him of letting us take care of the party planning next time.

The Rainbow Festival along with the Rainbow chase will go on for two weeks and you can join in up until June 19.

Join the Rainbow Parade!

The Bobcat Girls are celebrating rainbows and their manyfold colors by participating in a parade going from Moorland to Fort Pinta beach. They ride off once every hour and hang around at the beach for a while to dance to the unique tunes of superstar Raptor’s smash hit “Hey Yo”. Join in on the party!

These girls like to party all the time! These girls like to party all the time!

Mica Stoneground is back!

Our favorite explorer has returned! Mica hasn’t been seen for quite a while now, and her excuse is that she was out looking for a certain gold-obsessed leprechaun. If you talk to Mica on the hill near Doyle’s Abbey, she’ll treat you to a hot air balloon journey taking you to a dazzling place called Cloud Kingdom. Here you can collect golden horseshoes to get XP for your horse, buy Mica’s cool outfit, bounce around on springy clouds and compete in the tricky but fun Rainbow Race.

All players can travel to Cloud Kingdom, but you cannot go there if you’re currently riding Spirit. You will be able to travel to Cloud Kingdom until June 19.

Meet Mica at her hot air balloon... Meet Mica at her hot air balloon... travel to the astonishing Cloud Kingdom! travel to the astonishing Cloud Kingdom!


Look who’s finally back! Mica did a thorough search for Chaun the Leprechaun when he didn’t show up this spring, and now he’s back just in time for the Rainbow Festival!

For those of you who haven’t met him yet - this is Chaun. He’s a Leprechaun, and he’s quite obsessed with collecting rainbow gold. He lives on a rainbow, and every single time it appears somewhere in Jorvik, Chaun… kinda falls off. And not only Chaun. In fact, he drops his gold. As you might see, that makes him quite upset, but if you help him collect the gold again or If you find him some golden nuggets, he’ll give you a reward - and there’s a few of them, so make sure to find him lots of gold!

 Collect gold for Chaun to get cool rewards! Collect gold for Chaun to get cool rewards!

The rainbow appears on Jorvik every 30 minutes in any of the following locations:
Goldenhills Valley
The Dews’ Farm in Epona
The Forgotten Fields
Valedale Lake
The Everwind Fields
The Golden Fields

Important rainbow info to keep in mind:
You might not see the rainbow right away when you log in, so you'll have to wait until the next time the rainbow pops up!
The rainbow is only active during daytime.
In each gold-collecting mini game, you can collect a maximum of 10 pieces of rainbow gold.
Remember to free up some space for the gold pieces in your backpack!

 Go out there and chase the rainbow! Go out there and chase the rainbow!

We fixed an oopsie!

When passing by an NPC, we’re sure you often noticed that your horse would slow down or stop if you happened to ride too close. How annoying is that when you just wanted to take a shortcut and get stopped by some random person? We don’t want to force you to slow down when having fun in the world of Jorvik, so now you will not be slowed down anymore when passing NPCs. Yay!

The Moorland Jumping Event

The special show jumping event in Moorland is going until next Wednesday! Participate in the race and talk to Soul Rider Linda while you still can.

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed this week.


Did anyone say new horses? New shiny horses?

So, we’ve got lots of things going on as always! Have fun!
Lots of hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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