New tack is coming!

New tack is coming!

May 21, 2019

Hello StarFam! Today we’ll bring you some information about upcoming new tack for the horses in the game!

The dream - new tack!

We know you want to dress your horses with all sorts of new tack and accessories that we don’t currently offer in the game, and we definitely want to make that happen!

We’ve spent a long time diving deep into tests to see what it would take for us to add new types of tack to our horses and we’ve realized that it’s a super tricky task that will not work on our classic model horses (more info on which horses below). We’re very happy for the thoroughness of this test however, since we now know more and have a greater understanding for how we’ll tackle challenges like this in the future. For now, the end result of this test is Soul Rider Linda Chanda’s gorgeous Show Jumping Saddle! This saddle will be released to the game in a few week’s time.

Horse Generations

Star Stable has been with us for more than seven years and throughout the years our technology and optimization has improved. As our processes and designs have changed with newer horses, it means that some older horses will NOT be able to use certain new models of tack that we add to the game.

Here is a breakdown of all the horses in Star Stable, sorted by generation. The generation is determined by how the horse was created (Generation 1 horses were created using a program called Autodesk 3D Studio Max, but now we use Autodesk Maya) and the design standard we strive for! Generation 1 includes the classic versions of horses that we have focused on updating first and the Generation 1.5 and 2 horses will follow with updated versions in the future, too!


Our oldest horse models belong to Generation 1. Due to technical restrictions, we will not be able to offer new styles of tack for these classics.

Jorvik Pony
Chincoteague Pony
Friesian Horse
Friesian Sport Horse
North Swedish Horse
Fjord Horse
Tinker Horse


The old version of our Starter Horse belong to Generation 1.5. These horses will not be able to wear new tack since they already have or will get updated versions of their breeds.

American Paint Horse (2013)
Akhal-Teke (2013)
Appaloosa (2013)
Danish Warmblood
Dutch Warmblood
English Thoroughbred (2013)
Morgan (2013)
Selle Francais


Our Generation 2 horses do not have the same restrictions that our Generation 1 horses have, and they will be able to wear the new tack. We will focus on updating them to our current art style though!

American Quarter Horse
American Paint Horse (Updated)
Appaloosa (Updated)
Arabian (Updated)
English Thoroughbred
Friesian Horse (Updated)
Friesian Sport Horse (Updated)
Icelandic Horse
Jorvik Wild Horse (Shire type)
Jorvik Wild Horse (Icelandic type)
Welsh Pony


Our Generation 3 horses do not have the technical restrictions that our older models have and they also fit our current art style! Hooray!

Akhal-Teke (Updated)
Chincoteague Pony (Updated)
Jorvik Warmblood
Jorvik Starter Pony
Jorvik Wild Horse (North Swedish type)
North Swedish Horse (Updated)
Fjord Horse (Updated)

What’s the difference between classic and updated?

Our classic horses refer to most horses we released before April 2015. When we call a breed “updated”, it means we’ve revamped our old classic horse to a new version with more realistic proportions and more suitable animations.

We hope this post made cleared up any potential questions, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to know anything else!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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