Yay for more ponies!

Yay for more ponies!

April 24, 2019

Hello there StarFam! We know a lot of you have been waiting for this day - it’s time for some more lovely Chincoteague ponies to join us for awesome Jorvik adventures!

Three new Chincoteagues!

Have you learned how to spell and pronounce “Chincoteague” since we dropped the first batch of updated ponies? Most of our team still hasn’t, but they’re working on it!

Today a bay tobiano, a palomino and a red roan sabino Chincoteague have arrived to South Hoof Peninsula! Now our biggest issue is deciding which one we like the most… Just like the other updated Chincoteagues, they go for 700 Star Coins each.

More adorable Chincoteagues! More adorable Chincoteagues!

Easier racing!

In some areas on Jorvik, the arrows indicating where to go while you’re in a race haven’t been visible enough to allow for a safe racing experience. After having a few too many horses run straight into trees while their riders were trying to figure out where to go, the Jorvik Racing Committee decided to repaint all race arrows. We’ve tried them and they seem to do the job! Be sure to tell us what you think!

New race arrows! New race arrows!

Update about the world of Jorvik!

When we did our major Silverglade revamp last fall, we told you guys you might notice some slight changes around Jorvik moving forward, while we were going to continue to tweak the new changes and prepare for further additions. This way of changing the world of Jorvik worked out so well that we decided to continue like this! Moving forward you might see some slight changes around the world every now and then, and sometimes we’ll continue to tweak these areas even after you’ve seen the first change. While we still have plans to update terrain, foliage and buildings all over Jorvik to go with our lovely art style, we will start out with some smaller projects that won’t need as much time to implement. So keep an eye out - we have some quite exciting updates coming up this year!

Befriend foals!

The foaling event with Violet the Jorvik Ranger is available until May 22nd, so you still have plenty of time to play with the adorable foals around Jorvik!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed this week.

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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