Jorvik Stables Open House!

Jorvik Stables Open House!

April 10, 2019

Hello StarFam! Today is the day we can finally invite you all to the Jorvik Stables Open House event, which is grander than ever before!

This event is available for a limited time and you’ll be able to join in on the fun until April 24th.

The updated Open House event!

Johanna is an expert when it comes to running a stable but last year she decided not to host the Jorvik Stables Open House in order to rethink it and make it cooler than ever. She asked for help from some really cool people around Jorvik and managed to get some really cool new decorations, a tour guide, some limited edition horses and a special riding arena! Now that she has rebranded the event, quite a few new visitors have found their way to the Open House and we’re sure it will be more fun than ever before!

Even though Johanna is an excellent project manager, she can’t handle everything on her own, so she would be very grateful to get some help in kicking off the event. Go and see her to get started!

Welcome to the Open House event! Welcome to the Open House event!

The arena

If you enjoy practicing some cool moves, the special arena is the first location you need to visit! Here you’ll be able to ride around to your heart’s content and play with your friends. All other players will be hidden from your view while you’re there, but you will be able to see your group members and club mates.

Three races!

Johanna will be preparing some special races for everyone to join during the Open House, and she needs your help to try them all out. It’s super easy to find them - if you help her with her chores, she’ll just ask you to do a test run! Try out the fancy show jumping course down in the beautiful arena or one of the two fun cross country races around the area!

Beautiful horses!

Johanna is very excited to be able to bring you some special horses during this event! For as long as the Open House is running you’ll be able to get two lovely Lusitanos and three gorgeous Lipizzaner horses, only here at the Jorvik Stables. All of these horses go for 949 Star Coins each, and surely you are aware of the special movements these horses can perform?

When you’re riding a Lusitano, you can hit Spacebar while the horse is standing still to have it perform a graceful Piaffe!
When you’re riding a Lipizzaner, you can hit Spacebar while the horse is standing still and it will perform a beautiful Levade!

You never know if these horses will appear again, so check them out while you can!

Limited edition horses! Limited edition horses!

Gorgeous new gear!

In the special Open House shop you’ll not only find some mesmerizing baroque inspired items for both you and your horse but also some items from earlier Open House events.

Luciana the tour guide!

Luciana and her Lusitano Sirio are joining in at the Jorvik Stables and are helping out as tour guides, telling the visitors the ancient story of Jorvik’s most famous stable. Talk to her to help her practice her tour before all the visitors arrive!

Hugh the vet-vet, at your service!

The veteran veterinarian Hugh from the Rescue Ranch at South Hoof Peninsula is also joining in! If you talk to him he will give the horse you’re riding FREE veterinarian care once a day for the entire duration of the Open House! You’ll find him right next to the stables.

Get free veterinarian services from Hugh! Get free veterinarian services from Hugh!

The petting zoo

Wait, is that Andy? Yup, the little kid from Firgrove got a makeover and looks cooler than ever. He’s in charge of the special petting zoo, where you can go for some cuddles with many different kinds of fluffy animals.

(If you happen to run by Andy in Firgrove, he’ll still sport his old look. He’ll be updated to his new style in due time!)

Andy’s petting zoo, available only during the Open House! Andy’s petting zoo, available only during the Open House!

Silversong String Quartet

And the last, but absolutely not the least surprise, includes some new tunes! The ensemble Silversong String Quartet just launched their very first album and you’ll be able to listen to all of their four beautiful classical pieces at the event.

Their music is also showcased down at Stablebucks Café outside of Jarlaheim. You’ll be able to go there and listen to their beautiful tunes even when the Open House event is over!

Befriend foals!

The foaling event with Violet the Jorvik Ranger is available until May 22nd, so you still have plenty of time to play with the adorable foals around Jorvik!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is closed this week.

What an update! We hope you’ll have fun, and we’ll see each other again soon!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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