The Potato Festival is back!

The Potato Festival is back!

April 3, 2019

Hi StarFam! This week we got some exciting news for you. Not only are we bringing back an old event with this week’s update but Violet again also needs your help taking care of a few more mares around Jorvik expecting baby foals!

Marley’s Potato Race

The fun potato race is back! During the annual Potato Festival, you can participate in a wild race where you’ll be trying to plant potatoes as fast as possible - on horseback! Sounds crazy? It kinda is. Marley is said to have prepared a fun reward for all riders who want to join in.

The Potato Festival is running for one week only, so don’t miss it! It’s going to be a blast! You need to be a Star Rider to be able to join.

Last one to the finish line is a rotten potato! Last one to the finish line is a rotten potato!

Two more foals!

The last few weeks you’ve been helping Violet the Jorvik Ranger to keep track of mares expecting foals around Jorvik. Today, yet another two mares need your assistance, so there are now a total of eight mares to look after (including the horse you’re taking care of together with Violet).

You will be able to help the mares and their foals until May 15th.

Out of business!

Billy Bulldozer has kept a shop by the old GED site close to Moorland Stables for quite a while now, but business has been real slow. Billy will soon be shutting the store down and while his flag shirts will be moved to the mall, some old construction clothes will be removed along with the shop. If you feel like you really want to get them, make sure to do so now!

The construction items for the bridge to Harvest Counties will be moved to a shop closer to the bridge for all players who would like to speed up the building process.

Billy’s shop is closing down! Billy’s shop is closing down!

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop for all of you who became pay-once Star Riders !

Horse Market

The Horse Market is open for business by Cape West Fishing Village.

Now head out there and get ‘em potatoes - we’ll see you again next week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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