April 1, 2019

Hello CarFam! A couple of weeks back we finally moved our team into a new office space, and as you may recall, we told you we’d be taking things a bit slow while we are settling in. During that period we took the opportunity to finish the last few preparations for the re-launch of Star Stable. That’s right - it was time for us to start anew, and what better way to do it than with cars?

Bye bye horses!

Horses are expensive and difficult to maintain, both in real life as well as in games. Not to mention how much time, effort and skill goes into making a horse in a game like we’ve been doing for years! We’ve realized it’s much more sustainable to go for a more modern approach in the form of shiny, luxurious cars. When you log on today, you’ll immediately be driving your new ride!

Tackle the racetracks of Jorvik faster than ever before! Tackle the racetracks of Jorvik faster than ever before!

During the next couple of months the horses will be phased out and gradually replaced with new, fancy cars. Of course that also means we’ll be turning the stables into garages. To be honest, who’d want a North Swedish Horse when you can have a jeep instead? Here are some of the changes coming into effect soon:

The Soul Riders will soon be renamed, and you’ll be introduced to the Soul Drivers. Their main mission is to be the greatest racers of all time while their rivals, the Dark Drivers led by the ferocious Carnok, are always up to no-good.
All the stables on Jorvik will be replaced by high-end garages.
If you’re a user of Stable Care, Maya the stable hand will soon be back as Maya the mechanic to care for your precious cars.
By popular demand, we’re finally renovating the Baroness’ Race Track - she is so excited to let you try out her brand new Go-Kart race!

We can’t wait to tell you more soon!
VROOM VROOM from the Car Stable Team ♥

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