Bug Fix Log 2019

Bug Fix Log 2019

March 6, 2019

Hi StarFam!

When developing a game you’ll often come across things that don’t quite work like they should, or look like they are supposed to. We’re always hard at work trying to solve these so called bugs, and every month we share some of the many flaws we’ve corrected.

February Bug Fixes

Some bridles mysteriously changed colors a while back! We’ve had a look at them and they should now be back to normal.
When we updated the Soul Riders for the latest chapter of the story quest, some of you got double the fun - with double characters standing in the same spot! Don’t worry guys, that’s now corrected.
Some minor bugs with the horse sorting system in the home stable have been fixed.
If you ever travelled from Goldenleaf stables to the tiny smuggler’s den across the bay, you might have noticed you couldn’t get back to the same location if you called for pick up from the den. Now we made sure to always keep an extra row boat out so you can go back and forth in any way you’d like!
The walking pet squirrels turned a bit twitchy one day, so we had another look at their animations to make them nice and smooth again.

January Bug Fixes

In a quest with Loretta where you were asked to pick between different responses to her questions, she suddenly decided that none of them were good enough for her. We had a talk with her about what it means to be a good friend and she agreed to let you finish the quest - as long as you say something that keeps her in a good mood. What a diva!
We’ve continued our cleanup in Silverglade after the grand terrain update last fall. We’ve removed some old props that didn’t fit in anymore or were placed in odd spaces, and we’ve also moved some quest items around Silverglade so that they’re easier to spot.
Talking about Silverglade, we’ve recently changed the looks of the mountains around the area! Don’t they look nice?
One of the animations of the Jorvik Warmblood has been updated! When you’re taking an emergency break with your horse, its tail will no longer pass through its hind legs.
We’ve continued to tweak the horse sorting feature in your home stable and solved a few bugs around it.
Our adorable Zonies are full of magic, which can at times create some pretty strange situations. When entering very foggy areas, the Zonies sometimes turned a very strange color! We had some druids tone down their Pandorian magic, and now they’ll keep their regular color when entering foggy areas.
The competition judges of Jorvik recently discovered some bugs that gave players an unfair advantage in races. These bugs are now fixed, resulting in a more fun and fair racing experience for everyone!
When Silverglade got its well deserved terrain update last fall, Epona felt a bit left out. Seeking for attention, Epona suddenly single-handedly decided to do a switcheroo on some terrain textures! We do love Epona a lot, but we made sure to restore the old grass again while Epona is waiting for its own update (which surely will happen someday).
We’ve corrected some tack related bugs, such as invisible reins that appeared while leading your horse, some incorrect stats and a very strange-looking saddle bag.
Some quests you’ve already finished in the game have somehow left traces behind, such as sounds and invisible items. This has now been fixed!

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