Bug Fix Log 2019

Bug Fix Log 2019

July 31, 2019

Hi StarFam!

When developing a game you’ll often come across things that don’t quite work like they should, or look like they are supposed to. We’re always hard at work trying to solve these so called bugs, and every month we share some of the many flaws we’ve corrected.

June Bug Fixes

Sometimes the world turns upside down at the most unexpected of times. During a short period that was exactly what happened when you tried to enter the glasses shop in Fort Pinta - Jorvik flipped over like a pancake! Thanks to some adjustments to the gravity we’re back to normal again. Phew!
Those of you who have reached the latest Story Quests might have noticed that old versions of Soul Riders and their Guardians have been trying to stick around. Now you should only see one version of each and every character at a time!
It’s always good to go back to basics every once in a while, but we might have taken it a bit too far when we accidentally had you appear in Moorland every time you logged onto the game… Luckily we caught this weird bug early and now you of course will appear wherever you logged off when you enter Jorvik again.
Seems like Linda Chanda is interested in trying out vaulting, because in some quests you guys told us she has been spotted standing up on Meteor’s back! We told Linda to go chase her dreams if vaulting is something she wants to try out, but we also highly recommend sitting down on your horse if you’re off to fight evil…

May bug fixes

Sometimes we can actually have quite a bit of fun with bugs, as strange as this might sound.In early May, all Generation 2 Friesian horses turned invisible when you equipped them with legwraps! We all had a good laugh about that one, and even though it was a quick fix, we really enjoyed seeing you guys share pictures of this hilarious bug!
Did you notice that both Emma in Goldenleaf Forest and Andy in Firgrove now look better than ever? Their new designs now appear in all quests you do with them!
Since the update around Doyle’s Abbey, we’ve also gone around Jorvik to move or delete strangely placed trees and rocks - and since some strange things recently happened around Valedale Lake, we’ve gone back there to make sure the terrain looks good until we’re ready to head back there and give it even more love.
When the shops in Moorland were recently renovated, one shirt in one of the shops suddenly went for the shocking price of 10,050 Jorvik Shillings (!). Does the shop owner expect us to be made of money?! Thankfully the shop owner listened to the upset customers and lowered the price again.
The pretty Hanoverian from the Star Stable Horses app refused to have its mane styled when it first arrived in Jorvik. We had to show it how pretty it looked with all available mane styles before it decided to tone down on the diva attitude, and now you can change the mane styles at anytime again.
We’ve not only fixed a bug with bulging eyes on Welsh ponies and but also the issue of mane styles stacking on top of each other on Jorvik ponies.

April Bug Fixes

While the race arrows all over Jorvik were repainted to make them easier to see, we also moved around a few that were hidden from sight or just placed in weird locations.
After the cool shop revamp in Moorland, some players turned invisible to all other players after trying out the new shopping experience! We never actually meant to hand out free invisibility cloaks, so now everything is back to normal.
Since we’re already talking about strange things happening in Moorland, Maya’s horse Lynx somehow was floating above the ground! Lynx is now grounded (figuratively speaking) and we hope he won’t fly off anytime soon.
Somehow the beach by New Hillcrest sprouted fresh grass over just one night! We sent some gardeners out to ensure the beach looks its best again.
Hollow Woods as well as a small area in Golden Hills Valley also had some strange things going on with muddy areas and crazy green grass, which did not fit in with the rest of the terrain. The gardeners down at New Hillcrest went by both of these areas as well and they now look top notch again!
Mistfall sure got some rich wildlife, but in one cave where Jorvegian Giant Spiders hang out, Professor Hayden’s pet Alberta suddenly popped up one day! Professor Hayden was devastated when he couldn’t find his little precious one, so we made sure to bring her home again.
And talking about wildlife, what in the world happened to the butterflies at South Hoof Peninsula?! One day they were stripped off their vibrant colors and looked like black sheets. So sad! When Professor Hayden finally had Alberta home again he did some research on it, and after providing the butterflies with a new diet they look like their old selves again.
Since Alonso made a crazy faceplant during the Jorvik Stables Open House, he’s been acting very strange. His photo in your journal entries looked all crazy and if you met him in Mistfall, he tried to imitate Galloper Thompson and walked around without a head! We sent him to a doctor and he seems to be feeling better again.

March Bug Fixes

After training with one of the foals from the quests with Violet, some of you noticed you couldn’t call for pickup. What kind of monsters are our chauffeurs?! Who wouldn’t want to meet a foal? Luckily the chauffeurs seem to have changed their minds because now, if you call for pickup after training a foal, they will be there right away.
Some other minor bugs with the foals are also solved.
We’ve fixed some minor bugs with the medals you earn on the raceboards while racing.
Pandorian magic isn’t something to take lightly, and sometimes it works in unexpected ways - like when the runestones you have to measure during some reputation quests with the Keepers of Aideen suddenly stopped working! We sent a team of druid rune experts to check it out and now you are able to read the energy from the runestones again.
We’ve continued to tweak the horse sorting feature in the home stable!
The name and description of two of the walking pet dogs at South Hoof Peninsula had accidentally been switched, but now they’re correct again!
After the grand Silverglade update last fall, some graphical bugs sneaked their way into Golden Hills Valley. We’ve replaced some wrongful ground textures and made sure the Valley looks as good as it should again!
Professor Hayden’s pet Alberta is a real cutie patootie, and she usually sports some pretty dark eyelashes. Suddenly, one Wednesday, they disappeared! Alberta is now happier than ever because they’re back and she can look the way she’d like to again. Yas queen!

February Bug Fixes

Some bridles mysteriously changed colors a while back! We’ve had a look at them and they should now be back to normal.
When we updated the Soul Riders for the latest chapter of the story quest, some of you got double the fun - with double characters standing in the same spot! Don’t worry guys, that’s now corrected.
Some minor bugs with the horse sorting system in the home stable have been fixed.
If you ever travelled from Goldenleaf stables to the tiny smuggler’s den across the bay, you might have noticed you couldn’t get back to the same location if you called for pick up from the den. Now we made sure to always keep an extra row boat out so you can go back and forth in any way you’d like!
The walking pet squirrels turned a bit twitchy one day, so we had another look at their animations to make them nice and smooth again.

January Bug Fixes

In a quest with Loretta where you were asked to pick between different responses to her questions, she suddenly decided that none of them were good enough for her. We had a talk with her about what it means to be a good friend and she agreed to let you finish the quest - as long as you say something that keeps her in a good mood. What a diva!
We’ve continued our cleanup in Silverglade after the grand terrain update last fall. We’ve removed some old props that didn’t fit in anymore or were placed in odd spaces, and we’ve also moved some quest items around Silverglade so that they’re easier to spot.
Talking about Silverglade, we’ve recently changed the looks of the mountains around the area! Don’t they look nice?
One of the animations of the Jorvik Warmblood has been updated! When you’re taking an emergency break with your horse, its tail will no longer pass through its hind legs.
We’ve continued to tweak the horse sorting feature in your home stable and solved a few bugs around it.
Our adorable Zonies are full of magic, which can at times create some pretty strange situations. When entering very foggy areas, the Zonies sometimes turned a very strange color! We had some druids tone down their Pandorian magic, and now they’ll keep their regular color when entering foggy areas.
The competition judges of Jorvik recently discovered some bugs that gave players an unfair advantage in races. These bugs are now fixed, resulting in a more fun and fair racing experience for everyone!
When Silverglade got its well deserved terrain update last fall, Epona felt a bit left out. Seeking for attention, Epona suddenly single-handedly decided to do a switcheroo on some terrain textures! We do love Epona a lot, but we made sure to restore the old grass again while Epona is waiting for its own update (which surely will happen someday).
We’ve corrected some tack related bugs, such as invisible reins that appeared while leading your horse, some incorrect stats and a very strange-looking saddle bag.
Some quests you’ve already finished in the game have somehow left traces behind, such as sounds and invisible items. This has now been fixed!

July Bug Fixes

When you’re taking a shower you’d rather do so in peace and quiet, but if you danced around a bit in your home stable shower, other players suddenly started to appear around you… unacceptable! We’ve thrown them all out so you can have your privacy back.
We’ve continued to tweak the feature where you invite friends to your stable and solved some minor bugs around it.
Try out tölting around on your Icelandic horses! We’ve done some minor tweaks to the player animation so you’ll be better seated in the gait.
When we first released the Akhal-Teke, its hoof sounds didn’t play. Fixed! Now you can listen to the pleasant clapper of horse hooves again.
The jumping animation on the Jorvik Warmblood has been slightly tweaked. No more weird front legs!

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