Mighty Clydesdales!

Mighty Clydesdales!

January 9, 2019

Hi StarFam! It’s time for the first horses of 2019 to enter Jorvik!

Three Clydesdale horses!

At one of the stables on Paddock Island, three new Clydesdale horses are settling in. One of them is a grey with a brownish base and white socks, one is a flaxen chestnut with white socks, and the third is a black sabino. Just as all other Clydesdales on Jorvik, these horses have a total of eight different mane styles to choose from, and they can have some pretty ribbons braided into their mane. The grey has pink ribbons, the flaxen chestnut has blue and white ones, and the sabino sports purple ones!

You need to be at least level 12 to be able to buy these horses and they all go for 750 Star Coins each.

We can’t get enough of these charming horses! We can’t get enough of these charming horses!

How cool are these traditional ribbons?! How cool are these traditional ribbons?!

Horse Market

The Horse Market is open for business by Fort Pinta.

New Star Stable Launcher

We’ve started rolling out a brand new launcher for the game, which some of you may have seen already! We’ll continue to release the launcher to more players as we make sure that it’s working just as it should.

For Mac users, there is one important technical change: the minimum system requirement will be changing from Mac OS 10.7 to Mac OS 10.9. Make sure your Mac is updated and you shouldn’t encounter any trouble!

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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