December 26, 2018

Hi StarFam! It’s time for the last Wednesday update of 2018!

We'll be celebrating the new year up until next Wednesday, and by then all of Santa’s Sleighs will leave Jorvik and you will no longer be able to travel to the Winter Village. So make sure to visit it while you can!

New Year’s Party in the Winter Village!

To celebrate the new year, a lot of people (and animals) from all over Jorvik have gathered by the Winter Village to spend some quality time together. DJ star Kai is in charge of the music and it’s gonna be quite the party! You’ll find everyone right outside of the village, where you can chit-chat with your favorite characters and break some moves on the dance floor.

New year fun with our favorite Jorvegians! New year fun with our favorite Jorvegians!

Lanterns and fireworks!

The popular lanterns from our summer celebrations in Fort Pinta have made their way to the Winter Village! You can buy the lanterns from a special store and send them up towards the skies to get a spectacular light show! (Don’t worry, these lanterns are also 100% environmentally friendly!)

We haven’t forgotten our traditional fireworks though! You can buy these from a store right outside of the Winter Village and you’ll be able to fire them from special launching sites. Try all the different types of fireworks to see which one you like the best!

The lanterns and the fireworks look best when many are launched at the same time, so gather your friends and fire them off together for the best possible experience!

Lanterns or fireworks – which one do you enjoy the most? Lanterns or fireworks – which one do you enjoy the most?

The dress store!

If you're looking for a fancy party dress for the new year parties, the traditional New Year’s dress store has opened in the Winter Village. Here you can pick and choose from plenty of dresses from earlier celebrations, and there’s also a brand new one for this year.

The Horse Market

The Horse Market is open for business by the Jorvik Stables Arena!


Before we end this last Wednesday news post for 2018, we want to thank all of our players for an amazing Star Stable year. We’ve got plenty of fun planned for next year and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Happy New Year!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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