Star Stable 2018 Holiday Calendar

Star Stable 2018 Holiday Calendar

December 12, 2018

Greetings, StarFam!

Joy to the World! The Star Stable Holiday Calendar of 2018 is finally here! As of today, you’ll find an absolutely gorgeous calendar on our website, with a free gift every day until December 31!

Here’s how it works:

Click on this link!
Or: Go to and click on the link in the top right corner.
On the calendar, you’ll find 20 numbers, from 12 to 31. Each number represents a day in December.
Find today’s date, and click on that number!
Ta-daa! Behind each number, you’ll find that day’s gift!
Psst..! Some of the numbers are hidden, but you can search for them by clicking on the picture. Don’t be shy – just click away!
To claim your gift, simply follow the instructions for that date! To claim some of the gifts, you’ll need to log in to your Star Stable account and enter a code in the Redeem a Code tab.
Enjoy your FREE Star Stable holiday gift!

Keep on coming back every day to claim all the gifts! You’ll only be able to find the gift on today’s date, or previous dates.

Weren’t able to check the calendar on a certain day? Don’t worry! Most of the gifts will be still be available until midnight, January 7. Until then, you can always go back and click on a previous date again.

But we’re not done yet!

Would you like a Holiday gift card to give to a loved one? Or would a pretty Holiday wishlist be more up your alley? Click on the links below to download them!

Holiday Gift Card 2018
Holiday Wishlist

Happy Holidays!
The Star Stable Team ♥

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