Star Stable Horses Winter Update!

Star Stable Horses Winter Update!

December 6, 2018

Hi StarFam! Today we have some exciting news about our app, Star Stable Horses!

What is Star Stable Horses?

Star Stable Horses is a free to download app available for iOS and Android. In the app you raise your very own foal from a tiny baby to a level 10 adult horse. When your horse reaches level 10 you can transfer it to Star Stable Online and ride it at any time! You can chose between the following breeds:

North Swedish Horse
Jorvik Pony
Fjord Horse

Improved Photo mode!

We’ve made our photo mode bigger, better and easier! You can move, rotate and zoom the camera by touch, and you can also choose between three different depth of field profiles to get your shots looking pro!

There’s now also three FREE filters to add to your pictures: Moorland, Graydew and Nilmer. Try them out and share your new photos with us using #StarStableHorses!

 Try out the improved Photo Mode! Try out the improved Photo Mode!

Improved horse feeding!

The different horse breeds in Star Stable Horses now have special preferences when it comes to snacks! Whenever you feed your precious foals out in the field they will now tell you clearly if you try to feed them treats they do not like. On the other hand, there’s of course some treats that they do like a lot!

If you’d like to add some more treats to give your horse, you can buy a special expansion pack to get:

Sweet Potatoes
Celery sticks

Wanna know more about the expansion pack? Keep reading!

 Find your horse’s favorite treat! Find your horse’s favorite treat!

Paddock Themes!

From now on you’ll be able to pick your own theme for your paddock! There's four different themes with their own soundtracks to pick from:

Magical Fall
Chilly Winter
Cherry Spring
Pandorian Night

During different seasonal periods each of these will be the default in your game, but by buying your favorite theme you can choose to use it at any time.

Prices vary depending on your set phone currency.

 Which Theme is your favorite? Which Theme is your favorite?

Special Expansion Packs!

Oh yes, the expansion packs! We now have five different expansion packs available in the app for those of you who want the full Star Stable Horses experience. These packs are:

Theme Package – Unlock all paddock themes
Photo Filter Package – Unlock 9 exclusive photo filters
Horse Snack Package – Unlock all special snacks and treats for your horses
Horse Stalls Package – Unlock all stalls in your stable to be able to raise 5 foals at once
The Everything Package – Unlock all of the above at once!*

*If you already have made purchases in the app, the Everything Package and the Horse Stalls Package will be discounted to match your previous purchases.

Prices vary depending on your set phone currency.

That’s all for this time! We’re so excited everytime we see your suggestions for new foals to raise so don’t worry – there's more to come soon!

Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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