November 28, 2018

Hi StarFam! It seems like Ydris is up to something over at the circus...

A magical pony!

Ydris always seems to come up with new things to try, and his latest quest seems to involve a pony. We’re not entirely sure if Ydris’ magic is pony friendly, so you better visit him to see what he has planned for the pony, who suddenly...GOT STRIPES?

Pony or zony? Pony or zony? #LisaMadeAZony

What's the new breed?
A special Jorvik Pony, transformed into a Zony!!

Where can I get it?
You can buy this fluffy buddy by the circus at Nilmer’s Highland.

How much does it cost?
550 Star Coins.

What level do I have to be?
You can talk to Ydris to unlock the zony as soon as you’ve helped him build the circus!

What colors can I choose from?
For now there’s one single pony being affected by Ydris’ magic, and it’s striped like a zebra! But, if you look closely on the pony’s head you might see some traces of Pandoric magic every now and then...

Is there anything else I need to know?
Even though Ydris went bananas with magic on this little one, it’s still a pony. This means you can participate in both the Pony Race and the Pony Championship riding this cutie patootie!
Oh yeah, there’s one more thing! As a result of being exposed to the magic, this little zorse has a difficult time trying to neigh like a horse. Actually, instead it goes...well, we shouldn’t spoil the fun. Try making the zony rear up and have a listen yourself!

New loading screen!

We’re already hyping up for the Jorvegian holiday season, so we’ve added a brand new loading screen for you guys to admire while you’re logging into the game.

The Horse Market

The Horse Market is up and running by Silverglade Village!

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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