Ghosts all around!

Ghosts all around!

October 31, 2018

Hey there StarFam! Thought we were done with our Halloween celebrations? No way. We have yet another week to go!

Galloper’s Keep

All the fun stuff at Galloper’s Keep is available this week too! Check back to last week’s news post if you want a reminder of all the festivities.

All those poor ghosts...

Mrs Holdsworth by the Moorland Stables has a thing for helping lost ghosts around Jorvik pass on to the other side. During Halloween there are a lot of ghosts in need of help, and if you talk to our favorite old lady she’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done. Help the ghosts out to collect more soul shards for the cauldron in Galloper’s Keep!

There’s a total of 29 ghosts to help, including the one Mrs Holdsworth helps you find.

To get started with this quest, talk to Mrs Holdsworth in Moorland!

Help the ghosts of Jorvik find peace! Help the ghosts of Jorvik find peace!

Monsters in Golden Leaf Forest?

Rob and Bob, the smugglers in Golden Hills Valley, are in need of assistance. They’ve been out smuggling per usual, but they brought something back that may cause some trouble...

To be able to play this quest, you need to be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you help Bob out of the water after he’s fallen in.

Scary adventures with Rob and Bob! Scary adventures with Rob and Bob!

All aboard the ghost train!

The Baroness has made sure to set up the annual ghost ride in one of the old rooms in Silverglade Castle. Just pass through the sparkling door to join in on the fun!

To be able to try the ghost train you must be a Star Rider and have completed the quest where you let Linda out of the Silverglade Castle.


Pumpkin hunt in the Castle cellar

Did you think we’d forget about our fun pumpkin hunt? Meet up with Eve next to the Silverglade Castle cellar to try out her fun game with some friendly ghosts!

Starter horse revamp!

Last Thursday we posted a news article telling you all about one of our latest projects – an update of our starter horses! If you wanna read the article, click here: Our Updated Starter Horse!

The Horse Market

Eddie and Ferdinand finally managed to calm down their spooked horses, so they’re open for business at the Jorvik Stables Arena. Let’s just hope Galloper Thompson won’t scare them off again...

Happy Halloween guys!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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