An old friend with a new look!

Hi StarFam!

Earlier this week we told you all about our upcoming Moorland and Silverglade update, and now we have yet another huge project that we can finally share with you! Here is our updated starter horse!

The New Jorvik Warmblood!

In the summer of 2017, Hanna Aspblad from our 3D artist team told us about the plan for the new Jorvik Warmblood. This plan was all about updating the horse step by step to make sure it fit in with our new graphical style. Soon afterwards we executed step one, which involved updating the model and animations for the horse. At that point all horses using the same horse model got to take advantage of the update, and this was a vital first step for us to take in order to continue our horse development. As soon as that was finished, we were able to get started on the real project – a total rehaul of the Jorvik Warmblood! This time the horse got a totally unique look with a model of its very own, updated coat colors, and new animations. And of course, this update is FREE for all players!

We’ve made sure to keep the horse coats true to their older variations, so you’ll absolutely still feel that this is your precious horse. The colors now look more natural and organic, and we’ve also updated the braided mane style for this particular horse – take a look!

Why do we update horses like this?

★ The oldest horses in the game are not able to wear all of the cool equipment we would like to add to the game today. So we’ve spent a lot of energy creating premium variations of our older horse breeds (for example our newly released Fjord Horse) so you guys can still ride your favorite breeds when we add new material to the game.
★ The game does not look or work the same way it did when it was first launched in the fall of 2011, so we’re now updating all we can in the game to reflect how we want Star Stable to look today.
★ We want to give you guys an amazing gaming experience with the best looking horses we can offer!

Only your very first horse will be affected!

When we updated the starter horse last time, all other horses using the same horse model were updated with it. This time ONLY the horse you got when starting the game will be updated!

Would you like to change the coat color?

After this update you will have the possibility of changing the coat of your starter horse once, for free, from the notice board in your home stable. If another coat catches your eye after the update, you can change the color of your horse in a snap!

We can now reveal that this new Jorvik Warmblood arrives to Star Stable on November 7th! This means that when we finally do release the updated Silverglade, your horse will look cooler than ever when you explore the area again! We’re so happy to be able to bring you all of these huge updates this fall and we hope you’ll love the new starter horse as much as we already do!

Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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