Star Stable Online Official Rules!

Hi StarFam!

We’ve put together a few rules to make sure that all players have the best Star Stable Online experience possible! Breaking these rules can lead to a player receiving a warning, being suspended from the in-game chat, or in some cases being permanently banned from the game.

★ Never give out any personal information to other players. This includes your name, your age, where you live, your parents' names, your school name, social media accounts, etc.
★ Never ask another player for personal information, even their name or age!
★ Never share your password with anyone (even your best friends!), apart from your parent or guardian.
★ Never share your payment or credit card information!
★Do not ask others to use, trade, or share their accounts! Sharing and selling accounts is not permitted.
★ No discussion of outside programs or websites is allowed, including social media platforms such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
★ Bad words, even if you’re joking or messing around with your friends, are not allowed in the chat.
★ Cheating of any kind is not allowed!
★ Asking for or offering Star Coins or Star Rider memberships is not allowed in the chat.

★ Hate speech or any language regarding illegal activity is not allowed.
★ No spamming or flooding the chat!
★ No sexually explicit or dating related conversation is allowed. This includes romance or dating related role play games.
★ No bullying, threatening, or insulting other players. Always be kind to others online!
★ Tell your parent or guardian right away if someone online is bullying you or making you feel uncomfortable in any way.

★ If you do receive a warning or discipline, remember that the chat filter can have a delay of up to 30 minutes, so it might not be the last thing you said that caused you to get a warning/discipline! Also, remember that the chat filter can take your previous actions in the chat into account. This means that warnings/disciplines are not always based on only ONE thing that you said or did.
★ Be safe and enjoy the game!

For a more extensive list of Star Stable rules, see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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