Bug fix log

Bug fix log

October 10, 2018

Hi StarFam!

When developing a game you’ll often come across things that don’t quite work like they should, or look like they are supposed to. We’re always hard at work trying to solve these so called bugs, and every month we share some of the many flaws we’ve corrected.

September bug fixes!

After restarting a daily race, some of you had difficulties completing the quest and gaining XP for your horse. Solved!
Horses usually don’t walk on water, but at the Jorvik City Harbor we found one who did just that! We’re quite certain the cute Welsh pony shouldn’t have been at the harbor in the first place, so we picked him up and sent him back home to South Hoof Peninsula again.
John, the guy you’ll always find outside your home stable to help you with expanding it, seemed to have a hard time finding his way to the Dundull home stable. We sent Keema to get him and he’s now in place, ready to help if you’d like to add some extra stalls to your stable.
While exploring Dino Valley with Nic Stoneground, some of you noticed the quests didn’t work as they were supposed to. Nic had an extra look at all his tools and they’re now working as they should.
An older Arabian Horse mysteriously disappeared from Jorvik! We managed to find the dark bay horse and led it to Ferdinand’s Horse Market, where you’ll now also find our three Chincoteague Ponies.
We had to tell Ydris off since he kept placing strange crates up in the air above the circus tent. He wasn’t very pleased but agreed to place his crates someplace else and you’ll no longer see strange items floating in the air above the tent.
Since we’re already talking about flying objects - the horse trailer at South Hoof Farm decided that the ground is lava and made it quite difficult for you to access it since it was floating in the air. We got it down to earth again and you now have easy access to the trailer.
The Dino Valley fog mysteriously cleared up one day. This means it’s easier to navigate in the frozen valley!
The bridle decorations on Lipizzan horses have been slightly moved to make them look better.

August bug fixes!

The pinto colored Trakehner horse accidentally received different stats than the other Trakehners upon release. Oops! Fixed.
The fisherman Mr. Cod did not want to help anyone complete their achievements by fishing with him. What a slippery eel! We’ve had a serious talk with Mr. Cod and he has now promised to let the fish you catch for him be counted toward your achievements.
If you bought a horse with the same name as a horse you already owned, they had the same icon when you sorted them around in your stable. Super confusing! This is fixed!
One of the hidden golden stars in the Forgotten Fields was hidden indeed – or more like gone with the wind! During our last shower of falling stars we managed to catch one that we placed at the same location as the old one. It even looks the same as the old one. Lucky for us!
The laws of gravity might work a little bit differently than we’re used to when you’re traveling through time and space. We’re quite sure you’re still supposed to be able to jump while traveling through the magical space portal to Pandoria, though, which was not the case for a short while. We hired Elsa Einstein to do some advanced calculations for this and we actually found a solution – which means you’re now able to jump your way to Pandoria again! Yay!
Some of you had issues changing your starter horse appearance from the notice board in your home stable. It’s not a problem anymore!
We know you guys love your fancy haircuts, but when you’re out of the beauty parlor it’s kinda nice to be able to wear a hat again if you want to. After changing your hair style this was not possible for a while, but now you will be able to wear your hat again just like normal when exiting a salon!

July bug fixes

Some daily quests left some glitter and sparkles in strange places after you had finished the quests. No matter how much we love us some glitter, we cleaned it up to make it less confusing.
Some old dialogue icons has been updated, for example the one belonging to the hungry wolf in Goldenhills Valley.
Back in Crescent Moon Village we had to call some carpenters since one of the arrows for the village race somehow wound up inside of a house. The arrow is back to its original spot by now!
The weather down in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur must have been worse than usual lately, because some of the mist managed to find its way all the way down to Goldspur's Farm! The wind has now brought the mist along back to the Valley and the sun shines upon the Harvest Counties once again.

June bug fixes!

Ferdinand, the Horse Market guy, often is a bit confused. He was even more confused than usual when he didn't give you guys any quests during a couple of his visits on Jorvik! We've had a chat with Ferdinand and he promised to start giving us quests again. Puh!
Some of you noticed that Jorvik's lovely music turned off in some places in the game. Now the music is back to normal!
In your NPC collections in your Journals, Alex's picture was suddenly missing! Maybe she stole it in order to be able to give you a better one? We've managed to retrieve the picture and you can now see it everytime you open the book, just as you should.
The race ranking windows have been tweaked a bit more since the release of the new race rankings. We've also solved a couple of other race related bugs.
One fence in the cross country tracks in Firgrove has for a long time been very difficult to jump without getting caught in a dangerous fall. The best landscape artists we could find in Jorvik had a look at it all and have done some changes to make the fence less dangerous to cross.

May bug fixes

All over Jorvik some quest givers has gone MISSING! The Jorvegian police force have investigated the crime and managed to retrieve all the missing people who are now back to normal. Now you can quest away again!
Some of you have noticed that you can’t always see the running pets of other players. We’ve lured the shy pets out and now you should be able to see them at all times!
The new Photo Mode have caused some instability for some players on Pier 13. Now everything works as it should!
It’s not easy to find something invisible - unless it’s an invisible wall and you happen to walk straight into it. Our Jorvegian carpenters all have sore noses after all their recent collisions, but now they’ve removed an invisible wall between Moorland and Steve’s Farm.

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