More Trakehners!

More Trakehners!

September 12, 2018

Hi StarFam! Three new Trakehner horses just arrived in Jorvik, and the Jorvegian map got itself an update!

Gorgeous Trakehners!

The Goldenleaf Stable in Goldenhills Valley just got a delivery of three beautiful Trakehners – one black, one dark bay, and one chestnut. One of them can be yours for 750 Star Coins!

Cool sport horses from Goldenhills Valley! Cool sport horses from Goldenhills Valley! #TrakehnerTime

Map update!

Throughout 2018 we’ve focused on updating a lot of older content in Star Stable, and it’s now time for our map to get a small but much needed update! We’ve replaced all old icons on the map to make it easier to see where you can do some quests, where you can find a cool race, and where you need to improve your reputation in order to get some new quests. Here are some of the changes:

All quests are now marked on the map with an exclamation mark.
All races are marked on the map with a prize ribbon.
If you dismount your horse you will always be able to see it on your map – you'll never lose your horse again!
The icon marking your group members on the map is updated.
Home is where the horses are! Your home stable will now be marked with a small house icon on the map.
Too many icons on your map? Open your map (by pressing the "M" key) and press the small button on the top right of the map to choose which icons you’d like to show or hide!
If you ever need some extra help finding your way in Jorvik, this feature will be your best friend! By opening your map and clicking on the location you want to go to, you will see a light sparkling from your chosen location. Just follow the beautiful light beam and you’ll reach your destination in no time! (Bear in mind that only you can see your own marked location!)

It's never been easier to find your way in Jorvik! It's never been easier to find your way in Jorvik!

It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die!

The sheep of Jorvik all got an update overnight! We’ve asked them what they think of their new look, but all they said was “BAAAAH”. Weird.

 If you’re gonna count all our new sheep, don’t fall asleep! If you’re gonna count all our new sheep, don’t fall asleep!

Horse Market

While closed for business this week, you can visit Eddie and Ferdinand at Fort Pinta from next Wednesday on!

The Bonus Shop

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who got Star Rider by one-time payment!

Have an amazing week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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