Let’s return to the circus!

Let’s return to the circus!

September 4, 2018

Hi StarFam! We know you guys love the Amazing Ydris as much as we do, so from now on you will have even more reasons to visit the Circus of Dreams!

What does your future hold?

Once a day you can visit the Fortune Teller tent next to the big circus tent at Nilmer’s Highland to have your future told by the great Ydris himself! We can’t promise that his fortellings will make any sense, but there’s surely something magical about his special crystal ball...

To have your fortune told by Ydris, you must have finished the quest chain where you help him build his circus tent.

Have the Amazing Ydris tell you a fortune – or a misfortune! Have the Amazing Ydris tell you a fortune – or a misfortune!

Xins Pole Bending!

Once you’ve helped Ydris build his circus tent you’ll try out a cool race, and now you can play it over again! Talk to Ydris to start the daily race which now can be a part of your leveling routine.

To be able to participate in the race you must have finished the quest chain where you help Ydris build his circus tent.

Race against Zee!

There's even more to do at the circus for those of you who have ventured far into the game! If you’ve participated in the magical race against Ydris’ special horse Zee, you can now take part once more – both in the form of a daily race by talking to Ydris, and also as a group race! You begin the group race from the notice board next to the entrance of the circus tent. If you play with your friends, Zee will not take part in the race – but we promise you, you don’t wanna miss out on your friends’ magical looks during this spectacular race!

To be able to race against Zee, you must have finished the quest where you talk to Elizabeth Sunbeam after reuniting the Soul Riders’ horses. If you have not yet done so, you can still participate in the group race if you’re invited by a friend who has finished the quest.

You don’t wanna miss out on this epic race! You don’t wanna miss out on this epic race!

The Cloud Kingdom

Mica Stoneground will leave Jorvik in next week’s update, so take the chance to hang out at the Cloud Kingdom while you still can!

August bug fixes!

In addition to a few text changes and typo fixes, we also fixed a number of bugs last month. Here's a few of them:

The pinto colored Trakehner horse accidentally received different stats than the other Trakehners upon release. Oops! Fixed.
The fisherman Mr. Cod did not want to help anyone complete their achievements by fishing with him. What a slippery eel! We’ve had a serious talk with Mr. Cod and he has now promised to let the fish you catch for him be counted toward your achievements.
If you bought a horse with the same name as a horse you already owned, they had the same icon when you sorted them around in your stable. Super confusing! This is fixed!
One of the hidden golden stars in the Forgotten Fields was hidden indeed – or more like gone with the wind! During our last shower of falling stars we managed to catch one that we placed at the same location as the old one. It even looks the same as the old one. Lucky for us!
The laws of gravity might work a little bit differently than we’re used to when you’re traveling through time and space. We’re quite sure you’re still supposed to be able to jump while traveling through the magical space portal to Pandoria, though, which was not the case for a short while. We hired Elsa Einstein to do some advanced calculations for this and we actually found a solution – which means you’re now able to jump your way to Pandoria again! Yay!
Some of you had issues changing your starter horse appearance from the notice board in your home stable. It’s not a problem anymore!
We know you guys love your fancy haircuts, but when you’re out of the beauty parlor it’s kinda nice to be able to wear a hat again if you want to. After changing your hair style this was not possible for a while, but now you will be able to wear your hat again just like normal when exiting a salon!

The Horse Market

The Jorvik Stables Arena is the place to be if you wanna visit the horse market this week!

Have a magical week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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