New achievements!

New achievements!

August 8, 2018

Hello StarFam!

The Jorvegian Summer is coming to its end, but we still have loads of fun to offer! What about collecting more info on our favorite Jorvegians, or hunting down some all-new cool achievements?

Haaaaaave you met Ydris?

In the pretty journal there's loads of fun to be found – for example, information about people and characters you'll meet on your adventures in Jorvik! Today we're expanding your NPC collection with 18 more characters. If you've already played for a while you'll unlock the new information immediately, and if you haven't had the chance to meet all the characters yet, well then you're in for a treat when you do! More information will be unlocked as you get to know the people around the island better.

You open the journal by pressing the "J" key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the journal button in the Horse shoe menu at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Learn more about your favorite NPC's! Learn more about your favorite NPC's!

New achievements!

There's even more to find in the journal this week! We've just added more than 20 brand new achievements for you to try to complete – some will be completed when you finish certain quests, and some might ask you to do something special in different areas around Jorvik. Have you, for example, found Fred the Tree yet? If you haven't you'd better start looking for him!

Animation update

We all know that feeling when you're super concentrated while leveling your horse, and then from the middle of nowhere a fence jumps out to crash into you, right? And then your horse is real slow to continue because it just got a smaller concussion? Well, we find that kinda annoying too, which is why we've spent last night teaching all the horses of Jorvik a new trick!

Each time your horse crashes into something it will no longer rear up, but instead do a fast break to come to a full stop. After the stop, it will be faster to get your horse up to full speed again. If you crash into an obstacle your horse will also continue to walk instead of stopping entirely.

Last week with JoJo Siwa!

JoJo Siwa will stay in Star Stable until next Wednesday. Make sure not to miss out on dancing to her awesome music while you still can!

July bug fixes

In addition to a few text changes and typo fixes, we also fixed a number of bugs last month. Here's a few of them:

Some daily quests left some glitter and sparkles in strange places after you had finished the quests. No matter how much we love us some glitter, we cleaned it up to make it less confusing.
Some old dialogue icons has been updated, for example the one belonging to the hungry wolf in Goldenhills Valley.
Back in Crescent Moon Village we had to call some carpenters since one of the arrows for the village race somehow wound up inside of a house. The arrow is back to its original spot by now!
The weather down in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur must have been worse than usual lately, because some of the mist managed to find its way all the way down to Goldspur's Farm! The wind has now brought the mist along back to the Valley and the sun shines upon the Harvest Counties once again.

The Horse Market

You're all very welcome to meet up with Eddie and Ferdinand by the Silverglade Village!

We wish you all a sunny week in Jorvik!
Hugs from the Star Stable team ♥

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