Fort Pinta Beach Party!

Fort Pinta Beach Party!

July 25, 2018

Hi StarFam! If you wanna celebrate summer and sunshine, there's no better place to do it than at Fort Pinta Beach – which no one knows better than Tim Hooper and Kylie Summerbreeze!

The 2018 Summer Beach Party will roll out on until August 8th, so don't forget to stop by and visit both Tim and Kylie while they're here!

Celebrate the summer with Tim Hooper!

There's no guy more shibby than Tim Hooper! Tim spends the summers at the Fort Pinta Beach to prep for the greatest beach party imaginable. He's covered everything from a dance floor to a fun race on the beach! Also, the beach shop is open while Tim is around, so make sure to have a look at the new items when you've helped Tim get the party started!

Help Tim at the Fort Pinta beach!

Help Tim at the Fort Pinta beach! #FPBeachParty

Beautiful lanterns!

Kylie Summerbreeze is finally back with her gorgeous (and environmently friendly – we don't want any trash in our Jorvegian nature) lanterns! If you talk to her down by Fort Pinta Beach you can get yourself some of the pretty lanterns to send up to the sky along with your friends. Try out sending off the lanterns at night time for best possible effect!

Send off the lanterns with your friends!

Send off the lanterns with your friends! #FPBeachParty

Pet your horse!

Your horse is your best friend, right? Now you can show it some extra love by petting it! Place yourself in front of your horse and click on its head to pet it.

The bond between you and your horse is the most beautiful thing there is

The bond between you and your horse is the most beautiful thing there is!

New trailer feature!

Jorvik's horse trailer drivers have tired of always driving the same routes, so they've decided to drive to ALL available trailer stations on Jorvik from here on out! That means you no longer need to switch between different trailers to reach your final destination – now you can travel directly from Moorland to the Goldenleaf Stables, or from Dundull to Crescent Moon Village, or from the Baroness' Race Track to the new boat by the Hermit's Cottage...

Yup, now you can travel to even more locations than before! From any trailer on Jorvik you can reach far off places like Icengate in The Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur, which you will reach by a hot air balloon. To be able to travel to a specific location you must have visited it before or have completed the required quest to unlock the trailer. You will recognize any trailer site by the red flags raised next to them.

Here's all the new trailer sites:
The Hermit's Cottage
South Hoof Farm
Everwind Fields
Nic Stoneground's Camping Site
Cape West Fishing VIllage
Paddock Island

Traveling on Jorvik has never been easier!

Traveling on Jorvik has never been easier!

Horse Market

Since you will be spending time at Fort Pinta anyway this week, Eddie and Ferdinand are open for business by the Fort Pinta harbor!

Have a lovely week on the beach!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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