Time to race!

Time to race!

June 13, 2018

Hello StarFam! It’s time for an entirely new feature which will change all high score races in Star Stable!

Race Ranking!

From today on you can collect scoreboard medals from almost all races on Jorvik!

Above all high score boards where you start races you will now see a gray medal. When you have entered the race the medal will change color to gold, silver, or broze depending on how fast you’ve finished! You can see what time you need to beat by clicking on the high score board. When you play these races you can restart the race whenever by clicking the rewind button on top of the screen.

Keep in mind that this new change will not affect championships, flag races, balloon races, group races, or first to-races.

To highlight our new feature, most of the user interfaces surrounding the races have been updated. Don’t miss out on all the new goodies!

Can you collect all the gold medals? Can you collect all the gold medals?

Reset High scores!

All the high scores are now reset so you can go out there and collect all the medals!

New file handling!

We’re always working on improving the in-game experience in as many ways as possible, and today we’re releasing a new way of how game files are downloaded through the launcher before you start playing after our Wednesday Updates. Just this once it might take a bit longer than usual to download the updated files, but after this one time the downloading time will be shorter so you can start playing faster!

While doing this we have also updated some textures in the game to make it look even better! If you’re playing on an older computer you might have to tweak the graphic settings in the game settings to ensure the best performance possible from the game.

The Horse Market

Looking for a new horse? Eddie and Ferdinand have set up camp by Silverglade VIllage this week!

Now get racing ya’ll - and we’ll talk to you again next week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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