The New Circus!

The New Circus!

June 6, 2018

Hello StarFam! It’s CIRCUS TIME! But this isn’t about just any circus…

A NEW Circus For Ydris!

By Nilmer’s Highland, close to Moorland, you’ll find a mysterious guy called Ydris. Some of you already know him - but from today, everyone can introduce themselves even if you’ve already met! You see, Ydris is in charge of a special circus which will get a brand new exterior today! For those of you who haven’t met Ydris before, that means you’ll get the chance to talk to him and help him open the circus for business. Those of you who have met Ydris before aren’t left out, because you’ll get to help him put up this new tent!

Ydris can’t let his circus tent outshine him, so both the man himself as well as his companion the Jester now have brand new looks. You wanna help them both out? Then you’d better talk to Maya in the Moorland Stable to get started!

To be able to play these quests you need to have completed the quest where Mr. Kembell sends a bulldozer to Nilmer’s Highland - and you can play these quests even if you aren’t a Star Rider!

Visit Ydris’ new circus! Visit Ydris’ new circus!

New loading screen!

It’s summer times on Jorvik, so the loading screen you see when entering the game is now changed to a new one!

The Horse Market

While closed for business this week, you’ll be able to meet Eddie and Ferdinand by the Silverglade Village next week!

Star Stable News

Don’t miss out on the season finale of Star Stable News with Matilda and Game Master Ylva to get some special goodies! Of course you’ll find our weekly news here on our web site as always all summer until Star Stable News kicks off again.

May bug fixes

In addition to a few text changes and typo fixes, we also fixed a number of bugs last month. Here are a few big ones:

All over Jorvik some quest givers has gone MISSING! The Jorvegian police force have investigated the crime and managed to retrieve all the missing people who are now back to normal. Now you can quest away again!
Some of you have noticed that you can’t always see the running pets of other players. We’ve lured the shy pets out and now you should be able to see them at all times!
The new Photo Mode have caused some instability for some players on Pier 13. Now everything works as it should!
It’s not easy to find something invisible - unless it’s an invisible wall and you happen to walk straight into it. Our Jorvegian carpenters all have sore noses after all their recent collisions, but now they’ve removed an invisible wall between Moorland and Steve’s Farm.

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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