Get to know the residents of the Harvest Counties!

January 8, 2014

Hello everyone!
Christmas is over in Jorvik for now, and we had a wonderful time, don't you agree? The snow has melted, beautiful fields shrouded in flowers have emerged yet again, and new adventures awaits!

New missions:
- Haven't you been curious about getting to know the residents of the Harvest Counties a little better? Ride and speak to Jill in Jarlaheim. Mysterious things are happening in the Counties and she has something exciting to tell. Would you help her uncover the mystery?

To be able to start the mission you need to have spoken to Gavin, the city guard, earlier.

Speak to Jill!
Can you help Jill solve the mystery?

New clothing:
- Brand new super cute riding boots are now for sale in the shoe store in Jarlaheim. Ride there and have a look! These awesome dojos come in a variety of colors.

Best regards,
The Star Stable team

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