GDPR & Changed policy information!

GDPR & Changed policy information!

May 24, 2018

Hi StarFam! Today we have some important news to share in preparation for some new laws in Europe!

GDPR is coming!

From May 25th, there will be a new law all over Europe about how companies use and protect your data. The new law is called GDPR, which means General Data Protection Regulation.


The European Union wants to make sure you have more control over your data, who uses it, and why. It’s a good thing for us all!

Updated terms & policies

Because of this, we're making changes to our privacy policy. These changes will make sure everything we do with your data matches the new EU GDPR law. The new terms & policies are for all players, not only European.

IMPORTANT! Players in Europe must review the new terms to keep on playing!

We will soon ask you to review the updated terms and policy (easier to understand, no more legal mumbo jumbo!). You can’t miss it, it will appear when you try to log in on our app or online game! When this happens, review the new terms as soon as possible to be able to keep on using Star Stable Online and our apps - after May 25th you won't be able to play unless you've reviewed the policies.

Extra Safety for Our Youngest Players!

If you're under a certain age, Star Stable now has to double-check with a parent or guardian that it's cool for you to carry on playing the game. This is already law in the USA, so now we’ll be asking younger players in the European Union to tell us their parent or guardian's email.

This is a a once-time thing and then you can ride on to more adventures!

The team at Star Stable are super happy that you trust us with your personal info! That's why we always work hard to make sure players and parents can rely on us to keep everyone's data safe.

Have a great day!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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