New cool squirrels!

New cool squirrels!

May 16, 2018

Hello StarFam! What do we want? Walking pets! When do we want them? Now! Today a couple of new friends are joining our ever-growing family of walking pets!

The coolest pet on Jorvik? Why squirrels of course!

We can’t get enough of pets! We all know how fun it is to bring more friends along on those Jorvegian adventures.
Doreen is a girl who is nuts about squirrels! They’re her favorite animal and lucky her - there’s loads of them in the Harvest Counties! Doreen has decided to share her big interest in these cute rodents with the world, and so she has found three different kinds of Jorvegian squirrels which she finds to be the PERFECT pets. You’ll find Doreen by the starting point of the Greendale race by the Goldspur Farm, and she’ll sell you some of the most adorable rodents on Jorvik for 249 Star Coins.

The coolest squirrels on Jorvik! The coolest squirrels on Jorvik!

More wildlife in Greendale!

That’s right - we DID say there’s a lot of squirrels in the Harvest Counties! In Greendale you’ll now be able to find loads of Doreen’s beloved squirrels.

New sound fixes!

We’re always working on improvements on our systems behind the scenes to ensure everything in the game will run as smooth as possible. This week was all about sound! A lot of what we’ve done with our sounds this week won’t be noticeable to you, but there is one thing you guys will notice right away starting from today! We’ve added some new, cool horse sounds which means you have new sounds for the horses hooves and if you ride with a saddle and a bridle you’ll even be able to hear small sounds from them while riding!

Horse Market

Eddie and Ferdinand can’t wait to meet you by the Jorvik Stables Arena!

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You know you can find Matilda and Game Master Ylva on our social media by now, right?

Have a nice week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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