Save Nightdust!

Save Nightdust!

May 9, 2018

Hello StarFam! Madison needs YOUR help, because it’s time for the epic finale in the thrilling story about Nightdust!

Save the horses from Mr Anwir!

Madison is gone - again! Erik has followed her tracks and now he needs your help to find Madison. Along with her you need to confront the horse thief Mr Anwir, save all the stolen horses and put an end to the evil schemes going on in the harbor of Jorvik City! Meet Erik by Pier 13 in Jorvik City to get started.
These quests might be a bit scary for our youngest players, so feel free to play them with a friend!

To be able to play these quests you must have completed the quest where you deliver the dog Prince Charming to his owner Anastasia Silverglade when Madison has left Leonardo’s.

Help Madison bring Nightdust back home! Help Madison bring Nightdust back home!

Star Stable Horses

This week a new horse is joining our ever growing family in our FREE app Star Stable Horses! You can download the app to your Android and iOS systems.
In Star Stable Horses you’re taking care of your very own foal until it’s grown enough to join your other horses in Star Stable Online. That’s right, when your foal joins your stable in Star Stable Online, it has grown big enough for you to ride! There’s several different horse breeds to pick from, and now a brand new Lusitano is available! When your Lusitano has reached level 10 you can transfer it to Star Stable Online for 949 Star Coins.

Take care of your very own Lusitano foal in Star Stable Horses! Take care of your very own Lusitano foal in Star Stable Horses!

Horse Market

This week the Horse Market is closed, but you will be able to meet Eddie and Ferdinand at the Jorvik Stables Arena next week.

Star Stable Game News

Don’t miss out on the latest news with Matilda and Game Master Ylva!

April bug fixes

We’re always working on squashing itsy bitsy bugs, and here’s some of those we fixed during April!

The Lusitano in Fort Pinta should have been available to buy from level 1, but it wouldn’t allow you to bring it home to your stable unless you had reached level 7. The horse changed its mind and now all of you can get it if you’d like!
Linda seems to have found some sort of invisibility cloak! During a couple of quests during the later part of the game she was mysteriously missing. She’s now back to normal again!
Speaking of invisibility, some players seemed to have taken up the subtle art of miming - by running into invisible walls in Epona! It took a while for our Jorvegian carpenters to find them, but now they’re finally out of everyone’s way.
Once you’re into fishing you can’t get out of it! Some of you had accidentally been able to trash your fishing licenses, but they’re now back where they belong - in your inventory. We don’t want you to get caught poaching!
During some quests where you’re carrying objects on the back of your horse, the objects were placed a bit funny on the updated North Swedish horses. That’s now fixed!
Those of you living the sweet life by the home stable in Dundull might have noticed that one of the stable doors was locked! We finally found the keys and you can now enter through both of the doors again.
The horse trailer drivers on Jorvik were a bit confused for a while and could not drive you anywhere in a blue trailer if you previously had taken a ride in one of the pink ones. We’ve had a chat with them and they’re back to driving their regular routes again.
The speakers in the Fort Pinta Disco was playing different songs - super confusing! We’re had a look at the speakers and now they’re playing the same songs again.
We know how difficult it can be to get your post on time, especially when something is up with the mailbox! In Crescent Moon Village two mailboxes accidentally had been built together as one (we’re blaming the JKEA build manuals for that one), but our cool carpenters sorted it out and now we’re back to a single mailbox.
One of the Fort Pinta Beach stores had run out of all their stock for a while, but now everything is back to normal!

Have a lovely week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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