JoJo Siwa is here!

JoJo Siwa is here!

April 11, 2018

Hello StarFam!

A very special guest has arrived in Jorvik, and we’ve also got some cool new quests waiting for you!

Welcome JoJo Siwa!
Superstar JoJo Siwa has arrived in Fort Pinta! This young singer and dancer has come to the disco to play her brand new single, Every Girl’s A Super Girl, which debuts exclusively in Star Stable Online!

JoJo will show up on stage once every 30 minutes all week, so make sure to stop by the disco and rock out to JoJo Siwa’s latest hit song!

Meet JoJo Siwa! Meet JoJo Siwa!

A store for all the Siwanatorz out there!
Last week, JoJo Siwa superfans Saffi and Selma showed up in Fort Pinta, and this week they’ve set up a store! In case you didn’t have time to play their quests last week, you can now buy all their cool JoJo Siwa items, plus a bunch of brand new t-shirts!

Spymaster’s tricky trials!
The time has come for the Spymaster to extend his circle of trusted spies and messengers! Usually preferring squirrels, the Spymaster has now decided to train a bunch of different animals in Mistfall, to see if he can spot any unexpected talents. The young druid Kora would love for her beloved birds to make it onto the Spymaster’s training program, but she needs your help showing him just how talented the birds are! Visit Kora by her cottage in Mistfall to get started.

To be able to play this quest, you need to have completed the quest where you talk to Rania once the election in Dundull has ended, and you must’ve completed the quest where you bring a part of the Light Ceremony book from Jarl’s Tomb to Elizabeth Sunbeam.

Help Kora and Beeper through the Spymaster’s trials! Help Kora and Beeper through the Spymaster’s trials!

March bug fixes
In addition to a few text changes and typo fixes, we also fixed a few bugs last month:

Some of you noticed the in-game camera had gotten a bit slow when you were making turns in the game. That’s now been fixed!
Those Easter bunnies must have lain some eggs in the Silverglade Village clock tower, because for a while there the clock was showing the wrong time… Big Bonny brought her tools over, and the clock is now showing the right time again.
Just in time for the “Plans for a daring rescue” quest, Linda had gone missing! We sent out a search party for the missing Soul Rider, and you can now play this quest again.
Some of you noticed that the road between Birk’s Grange and Dundull in Mistfall appeared to be haunted by some strange characters. We scared ‘em off, so that you can ride calmly along the road again!
The wonderful Valentine’s-themed Canter Ella set lost all of its stats by accident, but they have now been restored. Phew!

Horse Market
The horse market is closed this week. Visit Eddie and Ferdinand again next week outside Silverglade Village!

Star Stable News
You’ll find Matilda and Game Master Ylva on our social media, just as usual!

Have an awesome week in Jorvik!

Your Star Stable Team ♥

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