A Bow Hunt and A Special Market!

A Bow Hunt and A Special Market!

April 4, 2018

Hello StarFam!

The traveling clothes market is back, and this time, it’s also bringing you… horses! Meanwhile, two super fans have arrived in Fort Pinta, eagerly awaiting their biggest idol…

JoJo Siwa is coming to Jorvik!
Superstar singer and dancer JoJo Siwa is on her way to Jorvik! Two of her biggest fans, Saffi and Selma, are already waiting for her in Fort Pinta. But the two Siwanatorz have a problem: they’ve lost all the bows they’d made as a surprise for JoJo, and they need your help tracking them down before she arrives!

If you help the Siwanatorz find the lost bows around Moorland, Nilmer’s Highland and Fort Pinta, they’ll give you exclusive JoJo Siwa items. Siwanatorz Saffi and Selma will be needing your help every day until next Wednesday, which is when JoJo Siwa herself comes to the Fort Pinta disco!

Meet the Siwanatorz! Meet the Siwanatorz!

How about a Morgan?
The traveling clothes market is back this week, yay! On this market you’ll find clothes, lots of cool Western bridles and some leg wraps. But that’s not all – you’ll also find three familiar Morgans on the market this time, and they’re all equipped with really awesome gear! This gear has the highest possible bonus stats, which means you’ll need to have reached level 9 to be able buy one of these three horses.

The traveling market is staying in the game until next Wednesday, so make sure to stop by before then! You’ll find it near Steve’s Farm in Silverglade.

Visit the traveling market! Visit the traveling market!

Keep track of your found stars!
Today we’re making a little change to the way the stars you collect in the game are organized! You’ll now find an all-new tab where each star has its own number, and you can easily flick through all the stars in the different areas of the game.

Take a look at the new button in the horse shoe menu in the bottom right corner of your screen, and let us know what you think!

Keeping track of Jorvik’s hidden stars has never been easier! Keeping track of Jorvik’s hidden stars has never been easier!

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have set up their market in Fort Pinta, and they’d love it if you paid them a visit!

Star Stable News
You’ll find Matilda and Game Master Ylva on our social media, just as usual!

Have a great week!

Your Star Stable Team ♥

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