New horses – and a rescue mission!

New horses – and a rescue mission!

March 7, 2018

Hello StarFam!

Welcome to an update in which there’s A LOT of exciting things happening in Jorvik!

It’s time to rescue Herman!
Herman, the owner of the Jorvik Stables, has been held captive by GED for a long time, and now the time has finally come for you to save him! Mrs. X’s reliable spy, Silencia Tranquila, will lead you on a risky rescue mission with old enemies lurking around every corner…

To be able to take this quest, you need to have talked to Mrs. X after Gretchen helps you hack an encryped USB stick.

Save Herman from GED! Save Herman from GED!

Three new horses!
Three fantastic new North Swedish horses have landed in Jorvik! You’ll find a magically dark bay horse in Valedale, and in Firgrove you’ll find a unique cremello and a beautiful chestnut. These new four-legged friends are 749 Star Coins each, and as they’re naturally cold resistant, they’re the perfect companions to take for long rides in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!

Beautiful North Swedish horses! Beautiful North Swedish horses!

Horse Market
Can’t get enough of horses this week? Well, you’re in luck! Eddie and Ferdinand have just set up shop in Cape West Fishing Village. Pay them a visit if you’d like to check out their horses!

Together with Karin and Matilda
Did you ever wonder how police horses are trained to deal with stressful situations? Then make sure you catch the next episode of Together this Saturday, in which Karin and Matilda visit the mounted police in Stockholm, Sweden!

Star Stable News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva LOVE horses, and they’re super excited about today’s update. Make sure you catch them in our social media!

February bug fixes
In addition to a few typos here and there, we’ve also fixed the following bugs:

When you buy gear for a Jorvik Wild Horse, it will now have its magical color showing in the shop window, making it easier for you to find matching equipment!
When the North Swedish horses land after rearing, they’ve sometimes made a double landing sound. That’s now been fixed.
A house had mysteriously ended up right by the trailer in Crescent Moon Village. Jorvik’s best removal firm was called in, and you can now easily reach the trailer again!
We’ve smoothed out the shadows in the game, so that they no longer become square shaped when you’ve activated the “Bloom” effect.
When you ride the upgraded Arabians and Pintabians, you’re now positioned a little further to the front in the saddle.
Other players will now be hidden when you’re on stage during Thalia’s theater quests.
Some of you previously got stuck after completing a race in the game. That’s now been fixed!
A few barrels around the Silverglade Vineyard have gotten new textures.
Sometimes the wrong animations were showing on other players when you were riding together with others, but that’s now been sorted out.
Some players appear to have had springs in the soles of their shoes, as they were bouncing up and down when dismounting their horses! That’s now been fixed, and you’ll now be able to stand firmly on the ground until you mount your horses again.
Some of you were unable to move hay from your backpacks to your closets, but that’s now been sorted and you can move the hay bales as much as you like again!
During some quests with Linda inside the Silverglade Vineyard library, she was standing inside her chair. The librarian stepped in, and has kindly asked Linda to take a seat while she’s reading!

We hope you’ll have a really exciting week of quests and new horses!

Big hugs,
Your Star Stable Team ♥

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