Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, StarFam!

The citizens of Jorvik LOVE Valentine’s Day, and now the time has finally come for the yearly celebrations. We also hear there’s a new store opening at the Jorvik City Mall!

The Valentine’s festivities last until February 28, meaning there’s plenty of time to take part in all the exciting stuff that’s happening in Jorvik!

Derek’s lost love letters
Mailman Derek is having busy days right now because of all the love letters being sent for Valentine’s, and he could really use your help. Ride over to the post office in Silverglade Village to lend him a hand!

Mailman Derek needs a helping hand! Mailman Derek needs a helping hand!

Try the Valentine’s Friendship Race!
Lowe Westberg is a happy girl who’s arranging a race in the spirit of friendship by the Jorvik Stables. If you complete the Friendship Race together with a group of old or new friends, Lowe will give you cute little hearts that you can trade for cool items!

There’s a total of 11 items to collect, so gather your friends and start racing!

Collect cool items in the Friendship Race! Collect cool items in the Friendship Race!

Valentine’s Day Stores
All around Jorvik, little stores have popped up that are filled with awesome clothes that are perfect for Valentine’s! At the Moorland Stables you’ll also find a store that sells cute teddy bears to go in your saddle bag. Make sure you visit the stores to check out all the items–there’s stuff from previous years as well as brand new clothes!

Welcome to the Purple Pony!
Today is the grand opening of a totally new store in the Jorvik City Mall! The Purple Pony is the store where all of Jorvik’s cosplayers gather to buy items from their favorite comics, such as the popular comic book Canter Ella and the animated series Knights of Unistria.

At the Purple Pony you’ll find clothes worthy of a cosplayer who’s into any of these comics, plus matching equipment for your horse! These clothes are perfect if you’re into theater, costume parties, or simply if you want to stand out from the crowd when racing in one of the Jorvik championships!

Check out the Purple Pony! Check out the Purple Pony!

House on the loose!
Some of you have noticed there’s been a house on the loose for a couple of weeks, right by the trailer in Crescent Moon Village! We called the best moving company in Jorvik, and they’ve taken care of the problem so that you can all ride freely into the trailer again.

The Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are busy racing with their horses in the Jorvik Stables Friendship Race this week. You’ll find them by Silverglade Village next week!

Star Stable Game News
Made it this far, but can’t get enough of Star Stable news? Then make sure you catch Matilda and Game Master Ylva on our social media channels!

Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love,
Your Star Stable Team ♥

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