New North Swedish Horses!

New North Swedish Horses!

February 7, 2018

Hello StarFam! As we freshen up some of our horses, the time has come for the North Swedish Horse to get a cool, new look. You’ll now find three new North Swedish horses in the game!

The North Swedish Horse
This calm and friendly horse is known for being a fantastic family horse! Once a common draft horse used in farming and forestry in Sweden, these days the North Swedish is often used for riding. With its thick coat, it’s the perfect horse for those of you who like spending time in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!

The versatile North Swedish Horse! The versatile North Swedish Horse!

So, what breed is this?
The North Swedish Horse!

Where can I buy it?
You’ll find one horse in Fort Pinta, and two in Valedale.

How much is it?
749 Star Coins.

What level do I need to be at to buy it?
Level 8, but the horse in Fort Pinta you can buy from level 1!

Do I need to work on my reputation before I can buy it?

What colors are the to choose from?
Bay, black and palomino!

Is there anything else that’s good to know about the new horse?
There are three good things to know about the North Swedish!
- With its thick coat, it’s a cold-resistant breed that’s happy to spend as much time as you like in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur.
- Due to its thick feathering (the long hair on the lower legs and fetlocks), it is not possible to use leg wraps on the North Swedish.
- Draft horses that spend a lot of time pulling carts or plows often need to have their tails cut short to avoid them getting stuck. To honor the North Swedish Horse’s draft horse heritage, you can choose to style it with an extra short tail!

#NSHLove #NSHLove

If you’re interested in one of the older cousins of the North Swedish, you’ll now find all of them at the horse market for 599 Star Coins each.

The Horse Market
This week, make your way to the Fort Pinta harbor if you’d like to pay Eddie and Ferdinand a visit. They’ve got the old North Swedish horses with them!

Star Stable Game News
As always, Matilda and Game Master Ylva give you their very own take on this week’s news on our social media channels!

We hope you’ll have a wonderful week in Jorvik together with the new North Swedish Horses!

Your Star Stable Team ♥

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