New year, new horses!

New year, new horses!

January 3, 2018

Hello StarFam!

Welcome to a fresh, new year in Star Stable Online! We’re kicking off the new year with our favorite thing in the whole world: horses!

First new horses of the year!
Over at the Dundull Stable in Mistfall you’ll now find three new horses: two cute Connemaras and one handsome Hanoverian! You don’t want to miss out on these three lovelies!

The Connemaras are 810 Star Coins each, and the Hanoverian costs 890 Star Coins. To buy the Hanoverian you need to have reached level 14, and you can buy the Connemara if you’re at least level 12.

Beautiful new horses! Beautiful new horses!

Last week of Holiday celebrations!
This week is your last chance to take part in our holiday celebrations over in Santa’s Christmas Village! The sleighs that take you to the Christmas Village are sticking around for one more week before it’s time for Santa’s Little Helpers to depart from Jorvik for this season. Make sure you take a last sleigh trip over to the Christmas Village to catch a final seasonal cheer!

The Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are busy setting up their market this week, but they’ll be back again next Wednesday by Cape West Fishing Village!

Tervetuloa suomalaiset kaverit!
Terve-what? Well, that’s Finnish for “Welcome, Finnish friends!” Yep: Star Stable Online is now available in Finnish! We’re really pleased that all our friends over in Finland can now play our game in their own language. Keep an eye out for more languages that could be added in the future…

Star Stable HQ on the move!
When we first released Star Stable Online in 2011, there were nine of us working at Star Stable HQ. Since then, we’ve grown A LOT! So much, in fact, that we’ve had to move to bigger offices a couple of times, and now it’s again. In 2017 we had a new coworker joining us practically every week, and our team has now grown to more than 100!

This week all our team members are putting all their computers, gadgets and office plants into cardboard boxes to move to a new, bigger and better studio. We’re really excited about the move, and will be posting pictures of our new headquarters in our social media channels once we’ve settled in, so stay tuned!

Star Stable Game News
As you may have noticed, Star Stable Game News is taking a break while Matilda and Game Master Ylva rest up on vacation. They’ll be back again as soon as we’ve finished building a brand-new recording studio in our new office! Check our social media for details about their return.

Have a wonderful week!

Your Star Stable Team ♥

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