Curious Connemaras!

Curious Connemaras!

December 6, 2017

Hello StarFam! A new horse breed has set hoof on Jorvik, and it can’t wait to meet you all! We also have a whole bunch of exciting new holiday quests waiting…

Curious Connemaras are here!
The friendly and curious Connemara has arrived in Jorvik! Originally from Ireland, this versatile breed is used for show jumping, dressage and eventing. While the Connemara is classified as a pony in most parts of the world, it’s fast enough to be allowed to compete with the other horse breeds in Jorvik.

Now the time has finally come for the curious Connemara to go exploring the Jorvegian plains and forests together with you! #CuriousConnemaras

What’s the new breed called?

Where can I buy this horse?
You’ll find one of them in Fort Pinta and two of them on Paddock Island.

How much is it?
810 Star Coins.

What level do I need to have reached?
For four weeks starting today, you can buy the Connemara in Fort Pinta no matter which level you’re on! In four weeks’ time, you need to have reached level 12.

Do I need to work on my reputation?
Nope, not at all!

What colors does it come in?
Dapple gray, buckskin and bay roan!

Is there anything else I need to know?
While the Connemara is actually a pony, it’s fast enough to race against the bigger horse breeds in Jorvik! This means it can’t compete in the Pony Race or the Pony Championship.

CuriousConnemaras #CuriousConnemaras

A holiday saboteur!
Over in the magical Christmas Village, Santa has run into trouble. It seems like someone’s trying to sabotage things for his helpers, and Santa can’t figure out who or why! Jump into one of the many sleighs around Jorvik to travel to the Christmas Village and help Santa before Christmas is ruined!

To be able to play this quest, you need to have completed the quest where Santa welcomes you to his village.

Reindeer riding!
Ever wondered what it’s like riding a reindeer? Well, now’s your chance to find out! In one of the Christmas Village stores, you can buy magical powders that transform your horse into a cool reindeer! This awesome effect lasts for 15 minutes, before your horse gets its normal appearance back.

The powders come in three different colors, in single packs or packs of 5, 10 and 15 that are a little cheaper. You can use these powders on any horse you like, and they will continue to work even after the holidays!

There’s also a fourth reindeer color, which those of you who have spent previous holidays in Jorvik will recognize! Get your hands on this color by doing an exchange in the Ice Cave. You can use this reindeer as many times as you like until January 10!

Here’s how to transform your horse into a reindeer:
Buy a reindeer powder from the store that sells them.
Dismount your horse, and drag the powder from your backpack to your horse.
Ta daa!

Get in the holiday spirit with some awesome reindeer! Get in the holiday spirit with some awesome reindeer!

And that’s not all…
…because our holiday celebrations are still going on for weeks to come! That means you can still visit Christmas Village to compete in the exciting races, and collect Christmas wishes that you can trade for lovely items. If you need a reminder of all the fun holiday stuff that’s going on, you’ll find all the info you need in last week’s news!

New graphics settings!
You’ll now find two new, advanced graphics settings in the Options menu, which you bring up by clicking on the cell phone icon in the lower right corner of your screen (or, by pressing the ESC button). To put it simply, these settings will make objects in the game look better, but as they could impact the game’s performance, they’re totally optional!

Anti-aliasing is an effect that will make hard and pixelated edges in the game graphics look softer.
Anisotropic filtering means that textures far away will look a little sharper.

Also, the Post Effects option is now called Bloom, but the effect is just the same as before!

The Horse Market
The Horse Market is closed this week as Eddie and Ferdinand are busy setting it up in Fort Pinta. Stop by next week!

Star Stable Game News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva have a whole bunch of stuff to talk about this week, and you’ll find them on our social media platforms as usual.

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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