Ho-ho-holidays are here!

Ho-ho-holidays are here!

November 29, 2017

Ho ho ho, StarFam! There’s no white Christmas in sight for Jorvik, but don’t fret! Santa and his little helpers are taking matters into their own hands: if you can’t take the holidays to Jorvik, then take Jorvik to the holidays!

The Jorvik holiday season is here for you to enjoy until January 10, 2018. Best of all, it’s available to free players and Star Riders alike!

Welcome to the Christmas Village!
Santa is worried that the temperature in Jorvik is too high for the snow to settle, which is why he’s inviting all of you to his magical Christmas Village! Try out two exciting races on the slippery ice beneath the northern lights, before warming up with a hot drink in the little café.

And while you’re here, why not stock up on some holiday garb? Those of you who’ve experienced previous Star Stable holidays will recognize some of the clothes, while other items are brand new for the holiday season of 2017!

To travel to the Christmas Village, talk to any of the elves on the sleighs that can be found in the following places:
Fort Pinta
Valedale Village
Firgrove Village
Silverglade Village
Silverglade Castle
Silverglade Vinyard
The Riding Arena
Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur
Goldenleaf Stables
Jorvik Stables
New Hillcrest

Before you can travel to the Christmas Village, you need to have completed the quest where Justin Moorland gives you a brush, a hoof pick and a bucket.

Greetings from Santa’s Christmas Village! Greetings from Santa’s Christmas Village!

Holiday treasure hunt!
Collecting Christmas Wishes is a major part of the Jorvegian holiday celebrations! Outside an ice cave in the Christmas Village, you’ll find a Little Helper who needs your help finding hats that have been lost in the area. Collect all the hats and bring them back to the Little Helper, who’ll then allow you to step into the magical ice cave where you can exchange your Christmas Wishes for clothes and equipment!

You’ll receive your Christmas Wishes by completing quests or taking part in races around the Christmas Village, but you can also get them by collecting hats around the village. Every day there are five new hats to be found!

To be able to speak to the Little Helper you need to have visited Santa after you first arrive in Christmas Village.

Swap Christmas Wishes for cool clothes! Swap Christmas Wishes for cool clothes!

Deck the Mall!
The Jorvik City Mall janitor is swamped with work during the holiday season, and could really do with some help adding some holiday sparkle to the mall. He’d be super happy if you stopped by to lend him a helping hand!

In order to play this quest, you need to have completed the quest where you deliver a package from Jorvik City Mall to James in Fort Pinta.

The Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand have opened up the Horse Market at the Jorvik Stables Arena. Why not stop by and say hi!

New loading screen!
Now that holiday season is upon us, we’ve added a brand new, wintery loading screen to welcome you when you launch the game!

Star Stable Game News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva are huge fans of the holidays! Make sure you catch them chatting about the icy cool Christmas Village on our social media channels.

Have a lovely week in the snow!
Warm hugs,
Your Star Stable Team ♥

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