Star Stable Horses app news!

Star Stable Horses app news!

November 9, 2017

Hi StarFam! Today we’ve got some fun news to share with you about our app Star Stable Horses, which is totally free for both iOS and Android!

What’s Star Stable Horses?
Need a reminder of what Star Stable Horses is about? Click on the link below!

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New adventures await!
Our app developers have been working away behind the scenes this fall, preparing Star Stable Horses for exciting new updates. This means we’ll be seeing new functions as well as new foals in the future, and now we’re very curious about which horse breeds are your favorite contenders for the app. Tell us using the hashtag #StarStableHorses!

Tell us about your #StarStableHorses dream foals! Tell us about your #StarStableHorses dream foals!

A new horse!
A new foal has already arrived in Star Stable Horses! This cute little foal will grow up to become the popular chestnut Morgan that’s already available in Star Stable Online. If you’ve been interested in this horse but just haven’t got around to buying it yet, this is the perfect opportunity. When you buy a horse you’ve raised in Star Stable Friends, it will be at level 10 when it arrives in Star Stable Online!

5 days instead of 10!
It previously took ten days to train your foal in Star Stable Horses until it was big enough to travel to Star Stable Online, but now it only takes five days! We’ve also changed the way the app counts days. Previously you had to wait 24 hours after using the app, but now a new day starts after midnight which means you can continue playing sooner!

Have fun playing with your foals!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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