Guillermo returns!

Guillermo returns!

October 11, 2017

Hi everyone! This week, Guillermo Gadea returns with an all-new focus race!

Guillermo’s new competition!
Guillermo Gadea represents the organization Horses of Jorvik (HoJ), and loves letting horse owners show off their four-legged friends to other enthusiasts in Jorvik, one breed at a time. This week, Guillermo has set up a fun Pole Bending competition for Morgan Horses in the Riding Arena. If you’ve got a Morgan that you want to level up, this is the perfect opportunity to do so as you’ll earn extra horse XP in this competition!

Guillermo and his competition will be around until next Wednesday, so don’t miss out if you’re a Morgan owner!

Try out Guillermo’s new competition! Try out Guillermo’s new competition!

News in the game
We’ve made a small update in the game! Previously, Star Riders could always see a star next to the Horseshoe menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. We’ve now removed that star, and instead those of you who are not Star Riders will be able to see a ribbon you can click on to buy a subscription.

Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are busy setting up the Horse Market in Fort Pinta this week, but you’ll be able to visit them again next week.

Star Stable Game News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva are back with new adventures in our social media channels this week!

Have a fun week playing!
Your Star Stable Team ♥

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