Happy sixth birthday Star Stable!

Happy sixth birthday Star Stable!

September 27, 2017

Hello StarFam! This week we’re celebrating Star Stable’s SIXTH BIRTHDAY with balloons, cakes, and tons of fun in Jorvik! Our big birthday celebrations last for two whole weeks, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to take part in all the fun stuff happening across the island.

Birthday funtimes!
Every year during Star Stable’s birthday week, Jorvik gets a visit from a Birthday Leader who lets you take part in a Birthday Race. Your horse gains a whopping 1500 XP with each Birthday Race, making this the perfect opportunity to level up your next race horse! You can take part in the race once a day in one of the following places:

Fort Pinta
Steve’s Farm
Jorvik Stable
The Vineyard

You’ll also find special Birthday Stores near most of Jorvik’s villages. In these stores you can buy fireworks to set off around Moorland, Steve’s Farm and Fort Pinta! And, just like every year, you’ll find the big birthday cake in Firgrove, so make sure to ride over there with your friends and celebrate together!

Celebrate six years of Star Stable! Celebrate Star Stable’s sixth birthday!

Golden horseshoes!
Wanna get your hands on this year’s birthday set? Then get searching for golden horseshoes! Start by talking to the Birthday Leader by the fountain in Fort Pinta, after which you’ll be able to go searching for 75 horseshoes spread out around Fort Pinta, Moorland, Silverglade Village, Firgrove and Valedale. Plus, you’ll get three extra horseshoes each time you finish one of the Birthday Races!

Collect the horseshoes by moving up close and clicking on them, then return to the Birthday Leader to exchange the shoes for cool rewards! There’s a total of eight items to collect, and when you’ve collected all of them, you’ll get other little rewards instead. You need five horseshoes in exchange for one reward, so what are you waiting for? Head out into the fields of Jorvik and start searching for those horseshoes now!

Celebrate six years of Star Stable! Find the golden horseshoes and collect sweet rewards!

Our gift to you!
It’s our birthday, but... we’ve actually got a special gift for you! This super cute squirrel belongs to a whole new type of pet, which can run after your horse as you explore Jorvik! If you dismount your horse and continue on foot, your fluffy little friend will of course continue to follow you around wherever you go.

Redeem the code STARSTABLE6 before October 11th to get your hands on the new pet!

Here’s what to do if you want your new pal to follow you around:
Make sure your horse has a saddle and saddle bag on, with the squirrel in the saddle bag. When you open your character sheet (by clicking “C” on your keyboard), you’ll find a new little button next to your squirrel. Click that button to make the squirrel jump down from the saddle bag, then click on the button again to make the squirrel jump back in.

The coolest squirrel in the world! The coolest squirrel in the world!

Jorvik City Fashion Week
Jorvik City Fashion Week continues this week until Wednesday next week. Franziska Ironsaddle has now released the final garments from her latest collection, and you’ll find some new items for your horse in the Horse Equipment Store and the Decoration Store!

The coolest fashion, straight from Jorvik City! The coolest new fashion, straight from Jorvik City!

Maya’s makeover
You know Maya, right? The girl who welcomes all new players to Moorland Stables? Well, we thought it was about time she got a bit of a makeover, so as of today she’ll have a new, fresh look! Maya now also doubles as a stable girl, and will be there for you inside your stable when you hire Stable Care. We hope you’ll like Maya’s new look just as much as we do!

Maya herself is very pleased with her makeover! Maya herself is very pleased with her makeover!

The Horse Market
Eddie and Ferdinand are busy chasing squirrels and training their horses in the Birthday Races, so their Horse Market is closed this week.

Star Stable Game News
Matilda and Game Master Ylva have been super busy this week! Why? Because there’s so much happening in Jorvik, of course! Make sure to catch their latest adventures on our social media channels.

Have a great week in Jorvik!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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