Meet the handsome Hanoverians!

Meet the handsome Hanoverians!

August 2, 2017

Hi guys! This week we’ve got a super cool new horse coming to Jorvik!

Welcome the Hanoverian to Jorvik!
The Hanoverian horse is a popular sport horse all over the world and now it’s finally arriving to Jorvik! We can’t wait to see you ride around on this wonderful fellow.

Will you get one of these #HandsomeHanoverians ? Will you get one of these #HandsomeHanoverians ?

What's the new breed?
The cool Hanoverian horse!

Where can I get them?
One in Fort Pinta, one at the Winery and one at the Goldenleaf Stables!

How much do they cost?
You’ll be able to get a new buddy for 890 Star Coins!

What level do I have to be?
Level 14 is the way to go! We do have a special exception though… Continue reading to find out more!

Do I need to crunch reputation?
Not at all!

What colors can I choose from?
A cool chestnut, a wonderful white and a beautiful black!

Don’t miss out on this fancy horse! Don’t miss out on this fancy horse!

New deals with new horses!
From now on we’ll try out something new every time we release a new horse! No matter the level you are required to have in order to buy the horse (for example level 14 for the Hanoverians), one of the horses will be available to buy from level 1. This horse will stay in Fort Pinta for four weeks, and when the four weeks are up it will move somewhere else and once again have its regular level limit. This can be your chance for some early access to our new, cool breeds even if you haven’t had the time to level up your character!
For today, it means that while the black and the white Hanoverian are available from level 14, the chestnut Hanoverian will for four weeks only stay in Fort Pinta and be available from level 1 before the level limit is raised and the horse will be moved somewhere else.

Horse Market
The horse market is closed this week, but you’ll find it at the Jorvik Stables Arena from next Wednesday.

Have a great week!
Hugs from the Star Stable Team ♥

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