New looks and old friends!

New looks and old friends!

July 12, 2017

Hi guys, and welcome to this wonderful and very much magical Wednesday update!

New looks for old horses!
Today is the day that a lot of you have been asking about during the last few months - our beloved Jorvik Warmbloods will today get an updated appearance with new, smoother animations. And that’s not all, every single horse sharing the model of the Jorvik Warmblood also gets this new update!
This change is completely free for all players and even your previously bought horses using the older model will today get the new appearance.

Looking fancy! Looking fancy!

New looks for horse trailers!
We loved our old horse trailers, but the Shire horses complained that they often hit their head in the roofs when riding on the bumpy roads around the island. All the trailers around Jorvik are now changed to larger ones which fit even the largest of horses, and they got a paint job when we were at it too!

Take a ride in one of the new horse trailers! Take a ride in one of the new horse trailers!

New looks all around!
We’re not done with all the good looking stuff yet! This week some props around the game have been updated as well. Go out in Jorvik and see if you can find all the changes!

Remember Team Star Stable?
While we’re working on getting our Team Star Stable sponsorship rolling we’ve added a super cool branded vest and a new saddle pad to the mall!

New free gift!
For all of you who became Star Riders with a one-time payment, there’s a new gift waiting for you in the Bonus shop in Moorland!

Horse Market
This week you’ll find Eddie and Ferdinand by Silverglade Village.

Have an amazing week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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