An updated friend!

An updated friend!

July 10, 2017

Hi everyone! In our news posts so far this year, we’ve been mentioning improvements in the game every now and then. Our improvements are all about making Star Stable better than it’s ever been, and in doing so we’re finding cool opportunities to tweak different features, improve old quests, and even refresh areas in Jorvik!

But there’s another thing we’ve been planning for a very long time - and today it’s time to tell you more about it!

Today, we wanna share some super exciting news with you, so we’ve had a chat with Hanna Aspblad, Lead 3D Graphic Designer at Star Stable!

Hi Hanna! Would you please tell us what a 3D Graphic Designer does at Star Stable?
Sure! We make all the objects, buildings, characters, horses, and clothes in the game. We do everything from the 3D modelling (the shape or geometry of an object) to the textures, which are the colors of the object or character. If it has any movements, we then pass it over to the Animators before it’s ready to go into the game!

That sounds like a really fun job! But today we’re talking to you because we’ve heard some rumors about a very special horse, will you tell us more?
A very special horse indeed! We have been discussing and planning this for a long time, but now we finally can reveal that we will give the Jorvik Warmblood, the very first horse you get in the game, a makeover! This means that quite soon you’ll log into the game to find your oldest friend with a brand new appearance.

Have a first look at the updated horse next to the current one! Have a first look at the updated horse next to the current one!

Woah, wait up! You mean that the horse you begin the game with will get a completely new look?
That’s right! Well, not only that one horse… When changing the looks of our beloved Jorvik Warmblood, all the other horses using the same model also will be automatically updated, even the ones you already have bought! This is a change we would have to make sooner or later to be able to keep the game moving forward, and for us to be able to introduce new animations, new features, and even more horse tack.

So all these horses will now get a new look, which we’ve created while keeping in mind both our newer horses and also the uniqueness of our original horses. Along with the new model we’ll add new animations, so it moves smoother and more realistic than it does today.

It has been a really fun process, but this is only a first step and it is possible that we will tweak the horse even more in the future. We’re super excited to share the horse with all of our players and we can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about them!

Change is sometimes difficult, especially when changing things we like as much as our most iconic horses, but we’re very pleased with how it turned out!

Old friends with new appearances! Old friends with new appearances!

So when can we expect to get the new version of these horses in the game?
You’ll just have to wait and see! ;)

It’s been great to talk to you Hanna, thank you!
Anytime, thanks to you, too!

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