Awesome Arabians!

Awesome Arabians!

June 7, 2017

Hi guys! Today we’re very happy to reveal one of the world’s most famous horse breeds with an all new look!

The graceful Arabian!
It’s time guys! A lot of you have for a long time been asking us to improve the very popular Arabian horse, and now we finally can reveal the latest beauty to join our Star Stable family. This week three gorgeous Arabian horses have arrived to Jorvik and they can’t wait to meet you! Two of them will be found at Goldspur’s Farm in Harvest counties, and one of them will be found in Fort Pinta.
To be able to get yourself one of these beauties you must have reached level 10, and these gorgeous horses all are available for 969 Star Coins. Don’t forget to tell us which one’s your favorite, and which colors you’d like to see in the future!

#AwesomeArabians #AwesomeArabians

If anyone is looking for the older Arabian horses they will from now on be found in the Horse Market where they’ll be available for 710 Star Coins.

Horse Market
This week the Horse Market is under construction over at the Jorvik Stables Arena.

New loading screen!
Spring is over and summer has arrived to Jorvik, so the pretty picture you see when entering the game has been changed to a new one. Yay for summer!

Star Stable Game News
You guys know where to find Matilda and Game Master Ylva to follow their adventures, right? This week they’re doing their last episode of Star Stable Game News for this season, and they’ll be back again this fall.

We hope you all will have an amazing week!
Hugs from your Star Stable Team ♥

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