Find the Golden Stars!

Find the Golden Stars!

May 31, 2017

Hi StarFam! The stars are sure shining bright this week, don’t you think?

New player controls!
Our team have been working very hard to improve everything you see in Star Stable this year, and now we’re down to player controls! Firstly, we’ve done some changes to the camera, which means that you will see everything in the game in a slightly different way. When you dismount your horse you’ll also notice that your character is easier to maneuver around than before. We’re gonna continue tweaking this a bit every now and then for the best player experience possible. Change always take some time to get used to, so get into the game and try it out for a while - and please make sure to share your feedback with us so we know what you think!

Try out the new player controls! Try out the new player controls!

14 new Golden Stars!
That’s right! This week we’ve added 14 new Golden Stars to the game! These stars will not give you any extra advantages in the game, but it sure is cool to have them all - that means that you know the island of Jorvik really, really well!
While some of these stars work like they always have (you just need to walk right up next to the star and click on it), a few of them can only be found by doing something extra… Try to click on everything that may look a bit suspicious, try interacting with people around the island and maybe even bring your friends along - you’ll need them on this quest, trust us. Some of these stars are quite tricky to find, but we know how much you guys love a challenge!

Can you find the new, tricky stars? Can you find the new, tricky stars?

The return of the Spring Festival
When we celebrated the Spring Festival a few weeks ago Marley seems to have been in a difficult mood and not all of you could begin his quests. We’ve made sure to have a chat with him about it, so now you all should be able to play them to get the fun potato shirt!

Horse Market
Go to Cape West Fishing Village if you wanna say hi to Eddie and Ferdinand this week!

Star Stable Game News
If you wanna see this week’s episode of Star Stable Game News, you know where to go!

Have a spectacular week!
Hugs from your Star Stable-Team ♥

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