Game Update

Next up in Jorvik!

listopad 02, 2023

The spooky magic has left for this year, but something magical is happening in Hollow Woods. But before then, get ready to show off some epic dressage skills with the new Dutch Warmblood!

Dutch Warmblood

November 8th

★The delightful Dutch Warmblood will elegantly trot their way into your hearts. This graceful horse will be perfect if you wish to show off in the dressage arena! Not only can it perform the Piaffe, but it can also do the Extended Trot!

Hollow Woods is blooming

November 15th

★What can be hiding among the trees? The Jorvegians are scared, but are you? Venture into the huge forest and explore the different biomes, nooks, and crannies to hide in. What was before is no more; explore it all and see what has changed!

Magic has reached Hollow Woods

November 22nd

★The forest is ready to reveal its magic and secrets to you. Head there to meet Wynna, the new druid who will guide you. You will need her even if you’ve explored the woods already. Find the magic in the woods and connect with it to gather light! Did someone say Black Friday? The bazaar is here!

Continue on your path

November 29th

★There is more to discover on your path in Hollow Woods. Gather the light to unlock more perks and rewards! Have you seen the magical creatures? Maybe you can get closer to them this week?

Our early weather report is saying snow will return to Jorvik in December!