Game Update

Spooky Season is Nearing its End!

Booo, Starfam! In the last week of Halloween, Galloper Keep’s glow did gleam. Costumes, candy, and cauldrons will soon be a sweet dream.

Ghost Hunting

Some restless ghosts have escaped from Galloper’s Keep! The veil between worlds is only thin during Halloween, so they must be returned to the Keep before the portals close, lest they be trapped in Jorvik for good and unable to return to their spirit world.

The ghost, the Registrar, will assist in your ghost hunt. Find the Registrar outside of the old prison tower on Tower Isle. They will assign you one ghost per day. Return them to the Keep where they belong!

Some of the ghosts will be available for Star Riders only, though free players may still see the quest.

One more week!

The portals to Galloper’s Keep remain open for one final week. Use your Soul Shards and Autumn Tokens before they close! Have you received your spooky companion from the cauldron, or earned your Sorcerous Squash in the Pumpkin Hunt? Be sure to get all your spookiest outfits, tack, and perhaps a ghostly horse or two before Hallloween’s end.

Bonus Shop!

A new item is available in the Moorland Bonus Shop to all of you who became Star Rider by one-time payment! The Night Rider head and tail bows signal that you and your horse are the bold and daring type.

Saddle Pad Update!

Currently, when a saddle scales with the new player character, it causes older saddle-pad models not to match. So instead of updating older models of saddle-pads, we’ve decided to focus on retrofitting horses with our new saddle-pads compatible with scaling. Since we haven’t been able to retrofit many horses yet, we are offering two variants of saddle-pads with some sets.

The witchy sets from this year’s Halloween were inspired by the new Halloween horses! However, we wanted you to be able to use them on any horse of your choosing. To make that possible, we offered saddle-pads with both the new model and old legacy model. To determine which horse can wear the new model, just read the red info text that is included in the purchase window. We will offer this with some sets going forward until we feel we have retrofitted enough horses. Then we will shift to just releasing saddle-pads with the new model.

Retirement Alert!

Just like the real H&M All In, Jorvik's All In will soon retire! We think this champion definitely deserves some rest and relaxation. From November 15th, All In will no longer be available for purchase! Find him in Fort Pinta to give him a last kiss on the muzzle. If you have purchased All In before then, he will stay safe in your stable.

The Generation 1 Arabian Thoroughbred will also be leaving us during the Wednesday update on November 15th and will not be available for purchase from then on. Find them at Marley's Horse Market before they receive their well-earned retirement!


The delightful Dutch Warmblood will elegantly trot its way into your hearts.

Have the spookiest week!
Love from your Star Stable Team ♥

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